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Comprehensive pest control including roofs voids

Spider Pest Control for Brisbane Homes

Besides those unsightly webs and scary hairy legs, spiders are great natural pest controllers of all those biting insects that invade our homes at summertime.  However, some spiders do have nasty bites and can cause serious illness.  For some people, spiders seem to be the one insect that can cause panic attacks and having the spiders removed from the home is the only way to offer peace of mind.

When a spider comes into your house, it usually finds its way by entering through poorly screened doors and windows. This includes areas such as gaps and crevices around windows and door frames, spiders will "balloon" in from surrounding bush-land and set up home on your wall or in your roof voids.  Other times spiders will hitch-hike onto items that are brought in from outside such as sports equipment, boxes or firewood.  Once spiders find their way in, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of them from all areas for long periods without having a complete pest control.  

Spiders do not congregate in a single large nest, so the population cannot be destroyed by targeting one site. If a full pest control has not been carried out on your home, you may find that new spiders will quickly recolonise areas that you may have previously attempted to remove spiders from by hosing or wiping webbing away. Spiders often hide in roof voids (ceilings) and will come out to feed at dawn and dusk, that is why ceiling dusting by our pest technicians is essential to control spiders.


Our qualified pest controllers are able to target breeding sites and hiding places where spiders may be living. They will create a comprehensive pest control plan tailored to address all your pest control concerns.

Our spider pest control treatments include:

  • Treatment of external surfaces including all weep holes, cracks and crevices

  • Entry points (windows, doors) and other harbour-age areas

  • Treat eaves, carports, garden sheds, pool areas and play equipment

  • Full warranty on spider and all pest control

  • Use of non toxic methods for indoor and outdoor applications

When you talk to our team, please feel free to ask about our package deals that can be tailored to your specific needs.  If you have any questions or concerns about unwanted pests in your home, call us 07 3823 2500 - Results Termite and Pest Control Services, we will be happy to help you.

Identification of common spiders found in Brisbane
Golden Orb Spider
Redback Spider
Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spider
Daddy Long Legs Spider
Tent Spider
Wolf Spider
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