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General Pest Control - Brisbane

General Pest Control Includes:
  • Spiders

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Safe and effective

  • Pet friendly

  • Hassle-free

  • Premium products

  • Licenced applicators

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  • Cockroaches

  • Silver fish

Spider Pest Control - Brisbane
Cockroach pest control
  • Black ants*

Redback spider - Pest Control Brisbane
Silverfish Pest Control - Brisbane
  • Free ceiling dust in roof voids (if required).


Brisbane's Leading Pest Control Company

Here in Brisbane we enjoy the lifestyle that living in the sub tropic offers but with the great weather conditions means that we share our home with more bugs than most other regions in Australia.  This includes large cockroaches, spiders, and plenty of ants ready to swarm on any food scraps.  These bugs which we label as pests all have a purpose in our environment. Spiders eat the bitey insects, the ants help clean up dead insects and believe it or not the cockroaches are important for our gardens.

A general pest control around your home should be just that, “a control,” not an “eradication”, a total eradication would destroy the healthy environment around your home.

A typical pest problem:  This human-made problem of increased insects invading our homes has been created by us setting up a perfect micro-environments. Many pests are attracted to the mulched and watered gardens, the night lights will draw insects in, a pantry filled with foods can be irresistible to many insects and a roof or wall void can make a nice nesting area.  Our job as “pest controllers” is to control the numbers of insects around your home and to stop them making your home their home.  The fact is you will never stop insect’s crawling, flying or hitching a ride into your home but what we can do is make it harder for them  to enter your home and undesirable for them establish their own community in your home.

Our service is more than your average pest control

Our general pest control services are not just about spraying chemicals around your home. Our trained pest control technicians  will inspect your home, looking for any problem areas or any potential problem entry points like trees touching roofs or holes in walls.  We inspect for possible water or food sources such as leaking taps or food under fridges. We inspect for possible harbouring areas which could be in and under appliances or hole and cracks in walls.  We also will look out for signs of other pest problems such as rats, mice or even termites.

Our technician will discuss with you what he has found and recommend the appropriate treatments and also recommend to you any steps you could yourself to help rectify the pest problem.  These recommendations may be as simple as sealing cracks and fixing fly screens, or fixing a leaking tap.

Our general pest control service will then be carried out with the use of the latest and safest pest control chemicals available.  Our technicians may choose to use different chemicals depending on the type of pest he finds. No one chemical is the “best”; we target the chemical we use to the pest problem we discover in your home.

Specialised Pest Control


Over and above our general pest control services we can offer very specialised pest services that target major problem pest, like:

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Protect your family with a complete pest control regime.  Our qualified technicians take care of pests responsibly, safely and with minimal environmental impact, using premium, safe and effective products that are fragrance-free and friendly to pets, people and the planet.


We always recommend that your home is regularly treat at least every 12 months to ensure that pest do not have time to establish and build up  large colony  in your home.