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Fleas are always an unwelcome addition to any household. Typically fleas become the biggest problem for pet owners during spring and summer and thrive in humid conditions such as Brisbane. Many pet owners can prevent flea problems by using popular flea treatments on their pets. Unfortunately these types of treatments will not fix a flea infestation. Often home owners will attempt to treat a flea problem with supermarket "off the shelf" flea treatments such as flea bombs.


These DYI flea treatments can in fact make the flea problem worse, as they force the fleas into hiding.  In many occasions fleas will start to reappear within a few weeks of the DIY treatment, and often in plague like proportions.  This usually is about the time we get called in to solve the flea problem.

 Where did all the fleas come from?


Fleas easily find many ways to get into your home. It’s usually a surprise to homeowners when they find fleas on their  family dog or cat, despite the fact that the pet is an "inside" pet. It only takes a few fleas to establish residence in your home or garden before you find a full-blown flea infestation. Even if you have been very pro-active with the use of monthly prevention flea practices, it does not guarantee you will never encounter a flea problem. The opportunity for the family dog or cat to be exposed to fleas can occur anytime they go out into the world beyond the home.


Even the most unsuspecting places can harbour fleas, these include:

  • Veterinarian clinics

  • Boarding kennels & pet groomers

  • Bush or park trails including dog friendly runs

  • Other animals including mice, birds, possums and other domestic animals

  • Humans - fleas like to hitch hike and can often attach themselves to clothes

Even if you only let your pet wander round your back yard, the likelihood of them picking up fleas can still be relatively high.   A flea problem can very quickly develop into a major problem starting from just one flea.

At Results Termite and Pest Control Services,

we provide fast and effective flea pest control services

to all of the Brisbane suburbs and outer region.

call us on tel: 07 3823 2500.

Fleas are parasites that feed on us and our pet’s blood

Fleas are best known for the outbreak of the black plague (Bubonic Plague).  Australia suffered 12 major plague outbreaks between 1900 and 1925.  The plague is still a modern day concern - in August 2013, a boy died in Kyrgyzstan after being bitten by a flea.

Fleas also transmit bacterial diseases such as Typhus to humans through infected rats. Fleas are known to also transfer tapeworms. Flea bites often cause painful, itchy red sores. Flea saliva is an allergen that can cause allergic reactions in pets and humans.

Preventing fleas around the home

The flea population is most prevalent from Spring right through to Autumn, so keep all flea control on pets up-to-date and vacuum carpets as well as pet areas at least 3 times a week. Often DIY treatments are costly and stressful. If you are having a problem with fleas, please call our office today and talk with one of our friendly office staff ….and YES, we service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

Moving out?

Rental move outs often require a pest and flea treatment, especially if you have rented a house and have a pet. If you do require this service, please talk with one of our staff about our rental move out packages, it could save you a lot on both pest control and carpet cleaning.

Moving into a new house?

Then we highly recommend that a full pest control and flea treatment is done before you move in. If the house has been empty for a while, those fleas will be very hungry!

At Results Termite and Pest Control Services our technicians are trained to fully evaluate the flea problem at your home and will treat the area of concern using the latest safe chemicals (including growth inhibitors). We will also pass on some practical advice to help you prevent a re-infestation of your home.

Here is some flea trivia
  • Jump on a host

  • Bite up to 400 times in the first day

  • Feast on 15 times its own weight in blood in one day

  • Lay up to 50 eggs daily, which will drop into the host environment (your home)

  • Fleas happily jump on and off the host at will, sometimes only spending a few hours on the host animal

  • Fleas can live up to a year

Did you know:  One of Britain’s oldest games can trace its origins to the flea? In approximately 15 different European languages, the word ‘tiddlywinks’ translates as ‘the game of the flea.’

There are flea fossils that have been found which are over 100 million years old! Well before there were dogs, cats or humans to infest- only dinosaurs! So fleas certainly know how to hang around and contrary to popular belief, a flea will not spend all of its time on your cat’s back or in your dogs’ ear.


The adult female flea will normally:

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