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mosquito-pest control
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Mosquito/Tick Pest Control

Say goodbye to mozzies and ticks in your yard today

Mosquito pest control

By creating a special barrier around your home, we can ensure unwelcome mosquitoes will no longer ruin your special occasion. So whether you have a special event or would like to be able to have the children play in the yard without the ever-present mosquito, we can help with the latest treatments in mosquito control.

Reclaim your back yard this summer by ridding your yard of mosquitos.

The benefits of our mosquito/tick pest control treatment are:

  • Effective on the elimination of mosquitoes, flies and ticks

  • Provides protection from mosquitos through your entire event even into the evening

  • Eliminates the need for mosquito repellent spray

Pest Control for Mosquitos
  • 6-week guarantee on mozzies and ticks (protection for up to 12 weeks 

from each service)

Mosquito Pest Control
  • Safe for your family and pets, leaving no odour or visible residue

Planning for a special event? Make sure it is Mosquito Free

The benefits of termidor

By placing a protective barrier for mosquitoes and ticks around your yard or venue, we can ensure that you, your family and your guest will enjoy a mozzie-free day.  Our mosquito/tick treatment is safe and hassle-free, with a knockdown effect from mosquitos/ midges and ticks that can be seen immediately.  

Mosquito pest control for back yards

Outside play

Mosquito free event


Mosquito free yard

BBQ/pool parties

Mosquito pest controller
people having lunch - Brisbane termite treatments and pest management
Mosquito pest control for a special event
mosquito pest control around the swimming pool

Weekend family get-togethers

Birthday parties

Around the Swimming Pool

*  We recommend the mosquito treatment to be completed 1 to 2 days prior to your special event.

How we treat your property for mosquito's and ticks

A mosquito/tick barrier treatment is applied with a fine mist spray into and onto the foliage of your property, around your house, including decks, fences, and external walls, up into eaves and around pool areas.  This leaves a residual barrier on the resting surfaces, killing mosquitoes and ticks coming into land and creating a mosquito and tick-free zone.

This treatment is extremely effective and may last anywhere up to 3 months*.  (Top-up treatment recommended 4-6 weeks). 


Reclaim your outdoor area by treating yourself to a mosquito and tick-free yard. Call the mosquito pest control professionals at Results Termite and Pest Control Services. Ph 3823 2500

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