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Controlling Funnel Ants

funnel ant extermination

- Quick and effective solutions to funnel ant problems

Has Your Lawn Started To Look Like The Surface Of The Moon?

If you have started finding distinctive mounds throughout your yard and your pristine lawn is now starting to look more like the surface of the moon, and you no longer have the flat lawn you're used to, then it is most likely you have a funnel ant problem.


Funnel ants can cause destruction to your yard in a short space of time. This problem is often spurred on after heavy rains. Funnel ants don't discriminate; you may find that your property has been left with mounds all over it while your neighbour's property is left completely unmarked. Generally speaking funnel ants prefer sandy soils and will often leave yards that consist of broad-leaf grass untouched. They are considered a major pest affecting both private and commercial grounds.

Funnel ants in yard

What Are Funnel Ants & Where And When Will You See Them

Funnel ants are commonly found throughout Australia and are named after the distinct shape of their nest entrances, which resemble funnels or cones in the ground. These ants pose a dual problem: they are both pests due to their destructive nest-building behaviour in yards and possess a sting that they use when their nest is disturbed. Their presence is often observed after rainfall. In particular, funnel ants are a concern in Brisbane because of the region's sub-tropical climate and high rainfall.

These ants typically inhabit blady grass areas, including backyard lawns, sporting grounds, acreage, and school sports fields. However, they can also be found in forests and woodlands.

Will DIY Treatments For Funnel Ants Work?

Often a D.I.Y. treatment for controlling funnel ants is not a one-off fix. This is due to the fact that most general off-the-shelf ant control products will only kill individual funnel ants, leaving the queen still in the nest.  If the queen is not killed, the colony will continue to survive and the ant problem returns. In order to gain control using D.I.Y. products, one needs to inject each funnel on a regular basis.  This is extremely time consuming and also an expensive option.

The Best Treatment For Funnel Ants

Results Termite and Pest Control Services uses a Termidor Ant Treatment to treat these nuisance ants. This product is only available commercially and should be only applied by a licensed applicator.  Termidor works via a unique transfer effect.   This means that when the ants come in contact with the treatment, they will carry it on their bodies and pass it on to any ants they subsequently come into contact with. Those ants then pass it on to more ants, who continue the process of transferring Termidor throughout the ants’ nests.

Termidor - A Good Choice To Control Funnel Ants

Termidor is water-based and has no odour, will not leach through soil and is not damaging to soil micro-organisms, earthworms and plants.

Termidor for funne ant pest control
Termidor used to control of funnel ants


Funnel ant infestation

Our Termidor ant treatment is the most effective ant control available... guaranteed!

Controlling funnel ants is best managed by using a pest professional.  It will save you both in money and time, rather than attempting to control the situation yourself.

All our pest control services are backed by our genuine guarantee and commitment to you.  Our commitment is that all your pests will be gone or we will treat the affected area again, free of charge.   Call us on 07 3823 2500 to schedule your funnel ant pest control treatment today. We can also address other pest control problems at the same time with a combo-packaged deal for most pest control services.  In a hurry? Just click here for a FREE quote:

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