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Pest Control for Rats & Mice

Mice and rats have an uncanny ability to seek out and nest in your most treasured items. Boxes of photos, favourite old clothes, baby items and other valuable items in storage will often be shredded to make a comfortable nest for their own family. Rats produce litter between 5 and 12 pups, depending on the species. Amazingly, female rats can have as many as seven litters per year, up to 84 offspring per year. Rats' incisor teeth (front teeth) never stop growing and must gnaw (chew) on things constantly to wear their teeth down. As a result, they will often chew on many objects around the home, including electrical wiring and other plastics. Rodents can also detect when food is baited and will become "bait shy", making many off-the-shelf baits ineffective in a short time. All of these factors make a real problem when they decide to reside in your home. 

Pest controller for Mice Problems Brisbane

We have quick working solutions for eradicating rodents

Our services provide fast and effective rodent pest control services in the Brisbane region  

Our Quick Working Rodent Control

Rodent pest control Safe and pet friendly

Many rodent pest control baiting systems use an anticoagulant rodenticide. An anticoagulant poisoning causes extensive internal bleeding over several days; it is a prolonged and painful death. Anticoagulant rodenticides also contribute to many wildlife and domestic animals being killed through secondary poisoning.

Results Home Services uses state-of-the art rodent pest control with a non-anticoagulant active ingredient that breaks down quickly in the environment. This innovative solution drastically reduces potential risks to nature and its inhabitants, so you can feel good about protecting your home from pests without compromising our planet's health!

Our service provides a fast and effective solution in the control of  rodents  for homes and business in the Brisbane region

Selontra Soft Bait

- a  smart new choice for rodent baiting and rodent control for your home

For quick control of rodents, we use Selontra Soft Bait, the latest baiting system in controlling mice and rats. Selontra Soft Bait is an extremely palatable new alternative to the old anticoagulants bait. Compared to older products, Selontra lowers the risk of contamination and secondary poisoning, making it an ideal first line of defence for major rodent problems. It is safe to be used around homes, daycares and schools and can also be used around food-handling areas. The great news is that Selontra also lessens the environmental impact and cuts the time it takes to get rats and mice under control to as little as a week. 
All of which makes Selontra the smart new choice.

Rodent pest control must be taken seriously!

Restaurants, commercial kitchens, hospitals, homes for the aged and group homes must meet specific health standards when it comes to rodent control. The reason for this is that rodents are major disease carriers.  It is not just the rodents that you have to be in direct contact with to pick up a serious disease, but often the diseases from rodents are passed on to humans from contact with their dry urine.

rodent pest control in Brisbane homes

Diseases transmitted by mice and rats fall into two categories:

  • Diseases transmitted directly from exposure to rat-infected faeces, urine or bites.

  • Diseases indirectly transmitted to people by an intermediate arthropod vector such as fleas, ticks or mites.

​Diseases directly transmitted by rodents

From the transmission of bubonic plague to Weils, typhus and hantavirus, mice and rat infestations can prove harmful to human health.  Just some of the diseases they pass on to humans are:​

Disease that rodents carry
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This is a viral disease that is transmitted by the rats. This disease is spread in one of three ways: inhaling dust that is contaminated with rat urine or droppings, direct contact with rat faeces or urine, and infrequently due to the bite from a rat.

  • Weil's disease. This disease attacks the organs.  It is a bacterial infection transmitted through contact with rat urine.

  • Leptospirosis. This is a bacterial disease that can be transmitted by coming into contact with infected water. 

  • Rat-bite Fever. This disease may be transmitted through a bite, scratch or contact with a dead rat.

  • Salmonellosis. Consuming food or water that is contaminated by rat faeces bacteria can cause this disease.

Signs of rodent activity
Mice and Rat Pest Control Brisbane

If you have a rodent problem, whether big or small, we can quickly deal with any infestation you may have, using the most effective means possible to solve your rodent problem.

Call us on 07 3823 2500 for a quick appointment.

It is definitely possible to keep rodents from getting inside your home; however the larger the structure the greater the challenge. If you suspect you already have a rodent problem, do not delay in getting help. These little monsters are very unsanitary and will get into your food stocks and supplies in short order and destroy everything, even if they don’t consume it all. Once mice and rats enter an area where food is stored, everything is ruined and once they start breeding, things can quickly get out of control.

Rodent control

All our pest control services are backed by our genuine guarantee and commitment to you.  We trust you will be happy with your pest management and all treatments come with a nominated service-free period.   Call us at 07 3823 2500 to schedule your rodent pest control. We can also address other pest control problems at the same time with a combo-packaged pest control deal available at all times.

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