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 Termites In Your Home

Here's what you need to do

Termite attack in log in garden

I have found termites in my home, what should I do?

First of all, please don't panic, you are not alone......

Four out of five homes in Brisbane will have a termite attack at some point. Call us on 3823 2500 anytime/any day, we will get back to you as soon as possible and organise an appointment to inspect what you have found.

Now breath and walk away!

Please resist the urge to strike back at the termites with every can of fly, bug or deodorant you have in the house. Just understand that from the time you have found termites to the time we come out to inspect the active termites, there will be very little increase in the damage they may have already done. We need you to resist the urge to disturb the termites because by disturbing them, you will more than likely make them flee back to their nest, therefore making identification and treatment harder for our termite technician.  

Our Step by Step process of what we do when you have Termites

1. Inspection and Identification

On arrival, we will inspect the location/s that you have found termites.  We will then identify the termite species - this will help in formulating a termite treatment plan.  Before treating active termites, we will always recommend a full termite inspection to locate a possible point of entry and other possible termite attack sites. This will help in offering the correct termite treatment options.   

does my house have termites
2. Termite Management Plan

Once the active termites have been treated and their activity has ceased, it is advised to implement a termite management programme. We will advise on the best termite treatment plan specially tailored for your home and your requirements. To protect your house from termite attacks in the future, it is necessary to have a termite plan in place; otherwise, termites from another nest will happily use the same point of entry that the last termites built. Also, if your home has no current termite protection, termites may find another point of entry. To fully protect your home, we need to shut down all possible termite entry points.  Based on the termite inspection that we carry out on your home, we will recommend to you the best and most suitable termite management plan for your home.  

3. Be proactive with annual termite inspections
thermal imaging for termites

Once we have your termite management plan in place around your home, you can now have full peace of mind that your home is protected and fully covered by our insurance.  To ensure that you stay fully protected, it is a requirement by our insurance company that your home has at least a yearly termite/warranty inspection. This is recommended to ensure that the treated zone around your home has not been damaged throughout the year. It also ensures that no other factors such as a leaking pipe, build-up of soil or a new termite nest in your garden will affect the treatment zone. 

4. Termite Warranty & Free Call-out Service

On completion of the installation of your termite management program, your home will be automatically covered by our 12-month free call out service. This means that if you have any concerns regarding termites, just call us, and we will come out and check what you have found for free. Should we feel that further treatment is required, we will re-treat free of charge until the issue is dealt with.

Termite Technician.jpg
5. Protecting your home for the future

For continuation of this free service, all you need to do is ensure that your annual warranty inspection is completed within a month of the anniversary of your installed termite management program. Don’t worry, we will always give you a call before your termite warranty inspection is due. This is the guaranteed service we have been providing homeowners for over 27 years.  As a trusted termite company, we work hard to build a relationship with you that will give you the peace of mind that your home will always be professionally cared for.  For more information on how we can protect your home from termites, please call us now: 3823 2500 or drop us an email to discuss termite treatment cost and any other questions you may have. 

termite workings in brick external wall
Termite leads in subfloor

Termite leads can often be very evident when you know what you are looking for. The leads were found on the external work of a brick home.

Termite leads were discovered in the subfloor, by then the house had a massive termite infestation.  

termite attack in wall panels
termite workings in floor boards

Termites can often cause damage without any knowledge. This damage was discovered upon a termite inspection.

Termites can often cause damage without any knowledge. This was found in the floorboards.

Termite attack under skirting boards
Termites in Roof Rafters

The amount of damage that can be done can be devastating. This damage was found when the owner noticed bubbling in the paintwork. 

This extensive damage was found in the roof void discovered by our termite inspector during a termite inspection.

Found termites in the home

Found termites?

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