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Termite attack in log in garden
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What Should I Do If I Find Termites?

First of all, please don't panic................

Four out of five homes in Brisbane will have a termite attack at some point. Call us on 3823 2500 anytime/any day, we will get back to you as soon as possible and organise an appointment to inspect what you have found.

What to do next
Do not disturb termites
Do Not Disturb Them
found termites? Do not remove
what to do if you have found termites
Do Not Remove the Damage Timbers
Do not use flyspray on termites
Do Not Spray the Termites with Fly Spray
Free Termite Assessment
Book a Free Termite Assessment with Results Home Services

Resist the urge to treat  termites yourself

It can be tempting to try and fight back against finding live termites by using any type of insecticide you have on hand. However, we advise against it. Rest assured that the damage inflicted by active termites will not greatly increase during the time it takes for our termite technician to inspect and treat the area. To make the process as effective as possible, we urge you to refrain from disturbing the termites. Doing so may cause them to retreat to their nest, making it more difficult for our technician to accurately identify and treat the infestation. Trust in our termite technician's expertise and allow us to handle the situation with precision and care.


We offer a free termite check to assess the “specific area of concern”. We also provide a free recommendation of a treatment program and a quote for further action that might be required.

No obligation free quote

What are some of the Signs of Termites
Mudding of a Termite Trail - Termite Leads
termite workings in brick external wall
Termite leads in subfloor
Termite leads in subfloor

Termite leads can easily be identified when you know what to look for. In this case, the leads were discovered on the external surfaces of a brick home.

Termite leads were discovered in the subfloor, indicating a significant termite infestation within the house. 

Hollow or Soft Timbers
termite attack in wall panels

Termites can cause damage without detection. The damage was discovered during a termite inspection.

termite workings in floor boards

Termites can often cause damage without any knowledge. This was found in the floorboards.

Signs Of Termite Damage
Termite attack under skirting boards
Termites in Roof Rafters

Termites can cause significant and devastating damage. This damage was discovered when the owner noticed bubbling in the paintwork.

Our termite inspector discovered extensive damage caused by termites in the roof void during a thorough inspection.

Protecting your home from termite attacks

Our Step by Step process of what we do when you have Termites

1. Inspection and Identification

On our termite technicians' arrival, they will carefully assess the areas where termite activity has been detected.  Our goal is to accurately identify the termite species present in order to create an effective termite treatment plan tailored specifically to your situation. Furthermore, prior to treating any active termite activity, we always recommend performing a complete termite inspection to identify any potential entry points or additional areas with termite activity. This will help in offering the correct termite treatment options.   

Termite Technician
2. Termite Management Plan

After successfully eliminating active termites, it is strongly recommended to implement a termite management programme to safeguard your home from future termite attacks.  Without a proper termite management programme, termites from another nest could easily enter through the same entry point as before, or find another point of entry.  To fully protect your home against termites, we need to shut down all possible termite entry points. By implementing a comprehensive termite management plan, we can safeguard your home against future termite attacks.

3. Be proactive with annual termite inspections
thermal imaging for termites

Once we have your termite management plan in place around your home, you will have peace of mind that your home is protected against termite attacks and fully covered by our insurance.  Our insurance company requires at least one yearly termite/warranty inspection to ensure your ongoing insurance coverage. This inspection verifies that the treated zone around your home remains intact and undamaged.  It also ensures that no other factors, such as a leaking pipe, build-up of soil or a new termite nest in your garden, will affect the treatment zone. 

4. Termite Warranty & Free Call-out Service

Once your termite management program is installed, your home will be safeguarded by our 12-month complimentary call-out service. Rest assured that if you encounter any termite-related concerns, simply reach out to us, and we'll promptly assess your situation at no additional cost. In the unlikely event that additional treatment is necessary, we'll take care of it for free until the issue is resolved. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

does my house have termites
5. Protecting your home for the future

Get peace of mind knowing your home is professionally protected from termites. Our trusted termite company has been providing homeowners with guaranteed services for over 27 years. To continue enjoying our free service, simply ensure your annual warranty inspection is completed within a month of your termite management program anniversary. Don't worry; we'll give you a call before your inspection is due. Contact us now at 3823 2500 or via email to discuss termite treatment costs and any other questions you may have. Trust us to care for your home and family.

Termite attack
Found termites in the home


Found termites?

Free termite check

We offer a free termite check to assess the “specific area of concern”. We also provide a free recommendation of a treatment program and a quote for further action that might be required.

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