Pre-Purchase Timber Inspection

A timber  pest purchase inspection could  save you thousands

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Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Brisbane

So you have just put an offer on a house and you have only a few days to get the timber pest pre-purchase inspection done before the settlement day!

You need a company that will give you a full pre-purchase termite inspection and timber pest report. You need a company that can give you great advice quickly, especially if there are negotiations that may need to follow the report.  For over 25 years, we have been looking after and protecting homes from termites (white ants) and many of the homes we look after started with a pre-purchase inspection.

How to avoid costly mistakes
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A pre-purchase termite and timber inspection are some of the most important buying decisions you can make before settlement day.  There may be hidden surprises that could be very costly. This is one of the reasons why banks will insist that you obtain a pre-purchase building report before lending money to you.  This is best articulated in this article on the your-mortgage website.

Eyes wide open!

Our advice to you is that you want to go into the purchase of a house with your eyes wide open. Most people will stretch themselves (financially) to purchase a new home.  The small cost of a pre-purchase timber pest inspection could save you thousands of dollars or may ensure you walk away from a potential financial disaster.

Building and pest inspection, a very good idea!

Pre-purchased pest inspection

Many of our current homeowners will arrange for us to complete a pre-sale termite inspection so that they also do not have any surprises when selling their home.  The trend with buying and selling a house in Brisbane is for the seller to prepare the house with up to date termite protection (chemical barriers), as it is now an expectation of a buyer to negotiate the cost of termite protection off the sale price of a house.  Having a home fully protected with a clean termite report will help to ensure a quicker and easier sale, closer to the price you want.

Pre Purchase termite Inspections Brisbane

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection and report costs as little as $245.00.  That is all it takes to ensure that you are making a fully informed and wise purchase decision.


What should you expect with a pre-purchase timber pest inspection?

Our pre-purchase timber pest inspections are in strict guidelines which are set out by our insurance company Rapid Solutions, and in accordance with AS 4349.3- 2010  - the inspection and resulting report will be confined to reporting on the discovery, or non-discovery, of infestation and/or damage caused by subterranean and damp wood termites (white ants), borers of seasoned timber and wood decay fungi (rot), present on the date and time of the Inspection.

No hidden costs
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