Sleep tight, don't let

the bed bugs bite!

Tips for Preventing Bed Bugs on your Travels


People often associate bed bugs with dirtiness; this is far from true. Bed bugs do not discriminate and can often be found in 4-5 star accommodation anywhere around the world. If you’re sleeping somewhere other than home- beware, bed bugs are on the rise. Hotels/motels are some of their favourite hangouts.

Here are some tips that may make you sleep better next time you stay away from home:

On entry to your hotel room
  • Do not put your luggage on the floor or beds. Use the suitcase rack normally provided, alternatively, place luggage in the bathroom until you have had a close inspection of the room.

  • Have a look around the bed area for spot marks. This is old blood passed by the bed bugs.

  • Lift the sheets away from the mattress at the corners and fold back the piping around the mattress and headboard.

  • Inspect around the seams of all upholstery, including the cushions.

Use luggage racks
  • Check around curtains, wall hangings such as paintings and mirrors, lampshades and alarm clocks.

  • For extra protection, it is a good idea to have all suitcase items encased in a plastic suitcase inside your luggage.

  • Check around curtains, wall hangings such as paintings and mirrors, lampshades and alarm clocks.

  • f you find any spotting or other signs of bed bugs, remove yourself and your bags immediately from the room. Report your finding to hotel management and request another room a couple of levels away. Remember the motel/hotel may not know that they have bed bugs as they are very good at staying out of view.

  • Keep an eye out for bite marks on your body. These are often found on arms but can be found on any parts of your body

  • A tell-tale sign is if the bites are in an almost straight line down. Unlike any other type of insects, bed bugs create an almost straight line bite mark that quickly sets them apart from other insects.


We travel and treat bed bug problems throughout the Brisbane, QLD area, City CBD and suburbs

Packaged pest control services are available, too.

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