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Frequently Asked Questions about your Pest Control Service

Is my Pest Control Safe?

Yes. At Results Termite Protection and Pest Control Services, we make every effort to ensure the chemicals we use during all our pest control services are the safest on the market. Our trained and qualified technicians always follow manufacturer guidelines in regard to the mixing rates and how and where it is applied. The majority of the products we use during a pest control service are less toxic than many household cleaning products.

How long will it last?

Safe pest control for the home - Brisbane termite services

This depends largely on which pest control services are being completed and whether it is in a domestic or commercial setting. You can expect a general pest control or ant treatment for a household to last 12 months, however, this is not a hard and fast rule and many factors can impact this time frame. For a better idea as to how long your treatment will last ask one of our friendly staff when booking. 

Is it safe for animals

Yes. At Termite and Pest Services we are very conscious as to our impact on the environment and endeavour to have as little impact on wild and native species as possible. 

Everything we use is safe for people and pets but recommend covering any fish tanks and removing birds for the duration of the pest control services. Once the service is complete neither you nor your pet will know the pest control is there.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a pest control service?

Whilst we ensure all the pest control chemicals we use around your home are the safest on the market, there are always health and safety precautions that need to be observed before, during and after your treatment. All of these precautions can be found here: (insert link here). 

Do I need to clear out my cupboards and drawers?

What if I touch the areas that have been sprayed?

You should not touch the treated areas while the pest control treatment is still wet, which is why we recommend you remove yourself and pets from the area while the treatment is taking place. Once the treatment is dry the active constituent binds to the surface and there is no danger of you or your pets being harmed or contaminated.

Ant pest control

No. Long gone are the days where you need to clear everything out from your cupboards and drawers thanks to advances in chemical technology. Rather than "dusting" the cupboards, we use a no-mess gel that contains pheromones to attract pests to eat and digest the gel.

How long after the treatment can I expect to see results?

This largely depends on the pest control service being carried out and the severity of the pest problem to begin with. Generally, you should allow two weeks for a general pest control treatment to take hold; however, it is likely you will enjoy the results before this time. 

How often should I get my pest control done?

You should get your general pest control and ant treatment done annually (unless otherwise advised by your technician) even though you do not see pests around. The fact that you don't see pests is proof that the treatment is working and will continue to work as long as you maintain regular pest control services. Holding off on the pest control until you see pests is allowing those pests to take hold again making it harder to gain control of those populations once more.

Will I still see cockroaches, spiders and ants after my treatment?

Yes. We use non-repellent chemical technology that will cause the pest to die shortly after contact with the treated areas. This treatment does not stop pests from wandering in from outside but will kill them once they make contact with the treated areas. Speak to your pest control technician on things you can do to deny access to pests.

Which method of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via cash, cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer. We ask that payment is made on the day of the service with the technician, however, if you would prefer, you can call the office with your credit card details. 

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