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Pest Control & Termite Protection for Body Corporations


At Results Termite and Pest Control Services, we understand the requirements and responsibilities of body corporation/strata title management and lot owners when it comes to pest control, termite inspection and termite protection of all common and lot properties.

We have been looking after body corporates, lot owners and building complexes for over 30 years. We have come to understand the need to work closely with all parties to protect both common properties and the property of the lot owners.

Whether we are organising pest control or termite inspections for units, townhouses or high-rise unit complexes, we can help organise and manage the quotation and carry out the required services.

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Our services for body corps and residential complexes include:
  • Mosquito Treatments

Termites and body corps - Who's problem is it anyway?

Here are a couple of legal opinions that we use as guidelines, and maybe helpful to you.

One of the most contentious issues with a lot of owners and management of body corporates is regarding termites; and WHO is responsible for any termite damage, termite inspections and termite protection.

Pest Control an Body Corps

A body corporate for a scheme subject to a building format plan will almost always be responsible for termite damage, whether it is found on common property or a lot.

It is different for a body corporate subject to a standard format plan, as it does not carry the same maintenance responsibilities for the structural elements of the lot. In this case, the individual owner will be responsible for termite damage found in their lot unless they could show that:

  • The body corporate breached its duty to maintain common property by failing to undertake adequate pest control; and

  • The termites came from common property, and therefore caused the damage to the lot.

Qld Government termite and body corp
  • An owner may be liable if they do not maintain their lot and this causes damage to another lot or common property.

  • A body corporate may also be liable if it does not maintain common property and that results in damage to a lot.


At Results Termite and Pest Control Services, we can arrange to package pest control services so that both the body corporate and the lot owners benefit from a full range of services at a great price.  When it comes to protecting property, whether it is common property or individual lots, we find that the best result is achieved when we work and communicate closely all concerned.


When you use Results Termite and Pest Control Services to look after your pest and termite problems, we can coordinate with all individual lot owners to ensure that the pest service or termite work is carried out with minimal hassle.      

To find out more about our full pest control and termite services, phone 3823 2500 and talk to one of our friendly staff. Or just send us a request for a quote by email, and we will reply quickly to your request.