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DIY Termite Inspections

D.I.Y Termite Inspection

DIY tips for preventing termites from your home

Bird in a termite nest
DIY Termite Inspection

Termites can turn your dream home into a nightmare. But this is your castle – you’ve got to protect it from pests that can eat their way through just about anything. And here are some simple DIY tips you can use to prevent termites from making themselves at home in your place.

Termite nest with bird occupying it

Give termites zero reason for coming onto your property

Termites are living things, so they need food and water to survive. Remove all sources of food and water, and they can’t survive. Simple, right?

Thirsty termites will seek out:

Is your home safe from termites?

Termite nest in tree

Termite Nests

  • Dripping garden taps

  • Leaky storm water pipes

  • Hot water overflow dripping on the ground

  • Air conditioner outlet dripping onto the ground or path

  • Water tank up against the house

  • Gutters that overflow onto the building walls and foundation.

Tips to keep you house safe from termites

To keep termites from coming into your home, remember the golden rules: ensure you’re NOT providing them with food and water, or making it easy for them to access your property via:

  • Landscaped areas that touch wooden fences or the foundation of your home

  • Dripping garden taps

  • Garden or plants covering weep holes

  • Wooden dog kennel against house foundation

  • Foundation cracks

  • Electrical and plumbing conduit entry points

  • Objects stacked against outside walls, in carports or in the sub floor

  • Ant capping rusted or damaged

Preventing termites
  • Cracking in your slab (look at the garage floor) or main wall

What you need to look out for to help prevent termites from accessing your home

Timber fence attached to house - DIY termite inspection
trim garden away from house to prevent termites
Free Termit Check
ensure mulch is not against house to prevent termites
fix leaking pipes to prevent temites

Timber fence is not attached directly to house

Trim garden away from house structure

Ensure mulch is not up against house palings

Fix dripping storm water pipe

Follow these DIY termite control tips to help keep those termites away!

For extra peace of mind, it makes sense to engage a pest controller/termite professional to come and inspect your home. We are experts in the field and have been servicing Brisbane in pest control and termite protection areas for years. We know what to look for, and what to do in case your home has been infested with termites. Our inspectors are trained and fully licensed. From termite bait to chemical treatments, we have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to rid your home of termites.

certified termite company

Call today to schedule a

We offer a free termite check to assess the “specific area of concern”. We also provide a free recommendation of a treatment program and a quote for further action that might be required.


Free termite check

For a free, no-obligation quote, call our staff at Results Termite and Pest Control Services tel: 07 3823 2500 and talk to one of our friendly team.  We will send a technician to quickly assess your home and give you a range of options.  Or just send us a request for a quick quote by email, and we will reply promptly to your request.

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