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termite attack in garden
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One of Brisbane's Leading Termite Specialist and Pest Control Company

At Results Home Services, we provide the most professional termite treatment services around Brisbane. Our team of experienced technicians are all certified and trained in the latest technologies to ensure your home is protected against these destructive pests. We use a range of methods including chemical treatments, physical barriers, and baiting systems to eradicate any infestations from your house 

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  • Thermal imaging with all termite inspections at no additional cost.

  • Using the latest in pest control technology

  • Fully Licensed and trained technicians

  • 30+ years of industry experience


  • Affordable protection plans for long-term termite defence.

  • Environmentally friendly options available.

  • Interest-free payment options through Humm.

  • Full insurance backed with a complete warranty on all termite barriers.

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Think you have found Termites?

  • Do Not Spray Them
  • Do Not Disturb Them
  • Do Not Remove The Damage Timbers
Found termites?

By disturbing termites or their nests can cause the termites to move from the disturbed areas and find other areas within the home to attack.  

Brisbane’s trusted pest controllers and termite specialists, looking after Brisbane homes for over 30 years.

With an experienced and fully licensed team of termite inspectors and pest controllers, you can be assured that every part of your home is protected from unwanted pests. If your home requires a termite inspection or you have termites that are attacking your home, our technicians will help in deciding on the best termite treatment and termite protection plan suitable for your home. Our reputation is built on providing termite solutions that are tailored, made for individual homes and guaranteed to work. The same professional effort is put into all our pest control work. 

Start Protecting Your Home With a Free Quote

Let us know if you have noticed termites in your home, whether for the first time or as a recurring problem. Our professionals will provide you with a free quote and inspection for the area of concern. We will then suggest the best approach based on your home and the location of the termites. Once you agree, you can start enjoying a termite-free home.

We offer a free termite check to assess the specific area of concern. Providing free recommendation of  treatment program and quote for further action that might be required.


Free Online Pest Identification

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What is the best protection against termites for my home?

What was or is “the best termite treatment plan” for your neighbour’s home may not be the “best termite treatment plan” for your home. It will depend on a range of factors, the main one being the construction of the house, then the soil type and slope of the block, and the species of termites either attacking your home or putting pressure on your home.

Our Methods for Termite Protection in Brisbane

Understanding our methods for dealing with termites helps you understand why you should let professionals deal with these pests. Here are the methods we use:


Termite Monitoring and Baiting Stations are a safe and non-invasive way to detect and prevent termites. 


The environmentally friendly option for termite protection. A major innovation in termite control

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Effective and fast working in treating termites and ants. Unique Transfer Effect for unequalled termite control

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