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Looking after Brisbane's homes for over 30 years

With over 30 years of experience looking after and protecting Brisbane homes, we are one of Brisbane’s most trusted Termite and Pest Control specialist companies.
  • Fully licensed and trained technicians
  • Latest technology
  • 30+ year's industry experience
  • Thermal imaging with all termite inspections - no additional cost
  • Environmentally friendly options
Termite House Inspection

Termite Inspections

Take care of one of your most valuable assets, your home, with a comprehensive termite inspection. Using the latest in termite detection including thermal cameras.

Termite attack

Stopping termite quickly and preventing further damage to your home. Specialising in all your termite problems with our quick action termite treatments.

Pre-purchase timber inspection.jpg

A pre-purchase pest inspection could save you thousands. Make sure your new home doesn't come with any hidden surprises. Comprehensive termite and timber inspections.

General Pest Control

General Pest Control

Taking care of pests responsibly, safely and with minimal environmental impact, Using premium, safe and effective products that are fragrance-free and friendly to pets, people and the planet.

Black ant pest control brisbane.jpg

Quick and effective pest control of all your ant problems. The latest in black ant pest control

Rodent Pest Control

If you think you have a major rodent problem, or a small rodent problem, we have fast and effective methods to address all levels of infestations.

Borer Pest Control

Eliminating borers from effected timbers without causing further damage to your precious timbers. 

Funnel Ants Pest Control

Don't let your yard look like the surface of a moon. Save both time and money in the control of Tunnel Ants with a safe and effective treatment of your yard.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Proven methods and the latest technology to eliminate bed bugs, ensuring you have a good nights sleep..

Termites In the Garden - Results Termites and Pest Control Services


All our pest control services are backed by our genuine guarantee and commitment to you, that all your pests will be gone, or we will treat the affected area again free of charge.   Call us at 07 3823 2500 to schedule your ant pest control treatment. We can also address other pest control problems at the same time with a combo-packaged deal for most pest control services.  In a hurry? Just click here for a FREE quote:

At Results Termite and Pest Control Services, we seek the best and latest technology and methods for all our termite inspection, termite protection and pest control.  When we come to your home or business, our termite inspector will include with every termite inspection, a thermal camera scan of your home. Every termite protection or treatment is carried out with the most advanced termite control systems available, offering you peace of mind - knowing that your home will get the very best in termite and pest control protection.




Fabulous Job

I want to let you know that they are just fabulous guys, friendly and thorough gentlemen, it has been a pleasure to have them do the job.

They have done a great job with respect for us all with never any impatience or a cross word, which is very rare these days.

Thank you for taking such good care of our “castles”.


Have you found termites?

For a free, no-obligation quote for termite protection, call our team at Results Termite and Pest Control Services. Phone 07 3823 2500 and talk to one of our friendly staff.  We will send a technician to quickly assess your home and give you a range of options, or email us and we will reply promptly to your request.