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Black Ant Pest Control - Brisbane 

Brisbane's Pest Control Experts

Safe and effective pest control of all your black ant problems around your home

Say goodbye to black ants and other pesky ant colonies invading your home! They can be found lurking in kitchens, roof voids, lawns, gardens, timber, and rockeries. But don't worry, and we've got the ultimate solution for you

While general pest control treatments may provide temporary relief, treating black ants can be trickier than expected. DIY treatments often make matters worse. Why? Because these treatments rely on the ants coming into contact with or consuming the treatment you've laid out. But ants are much smarter than that. Once they sense trouble, they simply walk away and find a new way to annoy you.

Ready to tackle those persistent black ants effectively? Let us show you the way.

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Why Choose Results Home Services

  • Fully licensed ant trained technicians
  • Safe, effective and long lasting treatments
Termidor for Black Ants Video
  • Latest technology in treating black ant problems
  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • Guaranteed Results
Black ant pest control company
Termidor for Black Ant Pest Control
Black ant pest control  outside
How Do You Know You Have An Ant Problem?
  • Children are constantly getting be bitten by black or green ants while playing outside.

  • DIY ant pest control methods are not effective in eliminating in ants.

  • Standard pest control has not had the effect you would have expected.

  • Finding ants in the kitchen and on food.

  • Like to be able to sit on the lawn or your deck without getting bitten by ants.

  • ​Appliances and food are getting ruined by black ants.

Black Ant Problems

Then you may need help from one of our professional pest inspectors for a long-term solution to control your ants.

Termidor Ant Treatments

The Latest in Black Ant Pest Control

Our Pest Control Technicians target ant problems with the latest and most effective black ant treatment available. We can solve any ant problem effectively and quickly and needless to say; the treatments are perfectly safe for your family and pets. Using the Termidor ant treatment to control ants, we can guarantee ants will no longer be a problem around your home. Termidor ant treatment is unique because it even controls ants that never make direct contact with its active ingredient. They need only make contact with other ants exposed to Termidor. Termidor has delivered unparalleled termite control since it was first introduced onto the Australian market in 2002. The key reasons for this success are that Termidor is non-repellent, plus it has the unique ‘Transfer Effect™’, and these qualities are the same way Termidor ant treatment deals with black ants.

termdior accredited pest control company

We Target Black Ants

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Experience has taught us that ants and many other pests in your home actually live in nests outside or on the wall of your home. By applying Termidor Ant Treatment to your house's outside exterior foundation walls, garden walls, paths, and patio areas, we can create a treated area of protection. This is not a "barrier" (barrier repellents can actually trap ants inside your home). On the contrary, because Termidor is completely undetectable, ants cannot avoid it. Instead, they will walk right through it – which is exactly what we want them to do. When ants contact Termidor, they carry it on their bodies and pass it on to any ants they subsequently come into contact with. Those ants pass it on to more ants, who continue transferring Termidor throughout the ants' nests.

Discover the incredible power of Termidor in eliminating ant infestations around your home.

"The Ultimate Pest Control: Termidor Black Ant Treatment - Guaranteed to Wipe Out Ants!"

All our pest control services are backed by our genuine guarantee and commitment to you, that all your pests will be gone or we will treat the affected area again free of charge.   Call us at 07 3823 2500 to schedule your ant pest control treatment. We can also address other pest control problems at the same time with a combo-packaged deal for most pest control services.  In a hurry? Just click here for a FREE quote:

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