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Termite Attack Image Gallery

Termite Damage In Ceiling Rafters
Termites In subfloor
Close up of termites in timbers
Termite workings to external concret
Termite tubing to external concrete wall
Major termite activity in subfloor
Major termite activity found in subfloor in Brisbane home
Termite nest built in tree
Termite nest in tree which has been turned into a birds nest
Termite tubing in patio timbers
Evidence of termites due to termite trails - tubing in patio timber
Termites building down from ceiling
Termites building down from ceiling in subfloor
Damaged timber by termites
Damaged fence paling caused by termites
Major termite activity in subfloor
Major termite activity in subfloor - found in a Brisbane home
Visual signs of termites in ceiling
Active termites found in ceiling board in Brisbane home
Termite damage discovered in skirting boards
Termite damage due to termites in door frame and skirting board
Alates termites - flying termites
Termites searching for a place to build a nest
Termites found in old stumps
These termites were found when some old trees were cut down.
Termite track across a walk path
Termite trail crossing a walk path in search of food
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Termite Activity In Garden Log
Termite damage to the exterior
Termite damage to the exterior of a Brisbane home
Termite damage to floor
Termites had chewed right through floor boards
Termite damage behind wall
When a builder had found termites behind the wall this is what he had written on it.
Hidden termite damage in wall
Looking for bubbling in paint work can be an indication that there is termite activity or termite damage hidden behind it
termite damage at base of bath tub
The bathroom is a common place to find termite activity due to the moist conditions
Termite damage to window cell
Termites have done extensive damage to the window sill
Termite damage to bedroom wall
More termite damage done to a bedroom wall
Termite damage exposed behind wall p
Enormous amount of termite activity was found behind the wall panel of this house
Termite damage to external wall
Extensive termite damage done to external house wall.
Termites relocating after bush fire
This photo was taken 10 hours after a bush fire. The termites are relocating.
Termites fast building tubing
This picture was taken 10 hours after a bush fire. They are building a tubing in order to relocate the nest.
Termites found in house palings
The palings to this house are in contact with the garden making it easy for the termites to access the house.
Termite Mound
Termite mound built into the fence along Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Road, Brisbane
Termite rot and damage
Termite damage and wood rot to the external wall of a Brisbane home.
Active termites behind jib rock
Active Termite workings are found hidden behind jib rock.
Termite destruction to internal wall
Substantial termite damage found inside interior wall.
Termite damage to fence
Termite trails, tubing found in back fence.
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