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The Paralysis Tick is the single most dangerous parasite for dogs here in Brisbane and in fact for the whole eastern coast of Australia. Just one tick bite is capable of causing paralysis and death.  At Results Termite and Pest Control Services, we have the latest solutions for providing a tick-free zone around your property to protect your family and all your pets.

Where ticks are found in Australia - Brisbane termite and pest services

A little bit about the paralysis tick


Paralysis ticks will attack you, your pet dogs, cats and any other warm blooded animal but dogs are the most commonly infected of all domestic pets.

The paralysis tick will use three hosts to complete its life cycle. As an egg, it hatches on the ground to become a larva. It will then climb onto nearby long grass or trees to wait for its first host in order to attack. After penetrating the skin and gorging on blood, the tick will drop off to the ground, moult and become a nymph as it waits for its next victim.

Again, it will feast on you or your pets, drop to the ground, moult and attack its third and final victim. Here it penetrates your skin again in order to feast one last time only to then drop off and lay as many as 3,000 eggs in two weeks – before it dies.

Ticks do not always attach themselves as soon as they reach a suitable host. They may wander around you or your pet’s skin for a day or so. Males look for an unfertilized female, and females look for a great place to attach to you where they will gorge themselves for as long as three weeks.

Ticks Life cycle

A pet infested with ticks may scratch, lick or bite itself in an effort to remove ticks. If the tick is in the ear (common area of attack), your pet may shake its head repeatedly. As the ticks engorge and your pet takes more venom on board, the symptoms of paralysis begin to occur.

Other signs of tick paralysis often seem like your pet has something caught in its throat or the back legs are not working properly. Other symptoms include:

What are the signs of a tick attack on my pet?
  • Progressive paralysis to include the forelegs

Most pets, especially cats, may become distressed, anxious and confused. Eventually, there is an inability to breathe in enough oxygen as the lungs develop congestion and the chest muscles become paralysed.  The time from the onset of symptoms to death from paralysis can be as little as 2-4 days after attachment. 

  • Heavy, laboured, rapid breathing

  • Loss of appetite

  • Loss of coordination in the hind legs

  • Vomiting, retching and coughing

What to do if your pet is showing signs of tick paralysis
  • Look for the tick and remove it straight away.

  • Keep your pet calm and in a cool, dark place until you can get your pet to a vet.

  • Seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.

  • Do not offer food or water as this may lead to pneumonia and breathing difficulties if your pet cannot swallow properly.

How does the tick cause paralysis? 

The tick sucks blood from the host and secretes saliva that contains toxins, which are absorbed and cause signs of paralysis and poisoning.

Tick prevention is less painful than a vet bill

A preventive tick treatment of your yard will prove to be far cheaper than a visit to the local vet. We have had customers tell us that they have spent anywhere from $850 to $2000 on vet bills for their pet to be treated for ticks.

Tick prevention - tick pest control

How we control ticks in your yard

Tick control is applied by spraying a fine mist treatment into and onto the foliage on your property, as well as around your house which includes trees, gardens, lawns and pool areas, creating a tick & mosquito free barrier.


This treatment is extremely effective and may last for up to 3 months*.  (Top-up treatment is recommended for 4-6 weeks during the tick season).


Call the Tick and Mosquito Pest Control Professionals

By creating a special barrier around your home, we can ensure your property will stay tick-free for the tick season. The latest treatments in Tick & Mosquito control are now available to you.  At Results Termite Management and Pest Control Services, we will help reclaim your backyard for summer and make it safe for you and your pets. Call us on tel: 07 3823 2500.

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