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Have You Started Seeing Small Cockroaches Around The Home?

Cockroach Pest Control Brisbane

In recent weeks we have had many calls from people discovering small cockroaches around their homes. These Cockroaches are often seen in kitchens, living around the dishwashers or in bathrooms and laundries.

By the time people have phoned us, they have already associated these small cockroaches with the German Cockroach. One that they would rather not have in the home.

The German Cockroach is small and elusive. The German Cockroach harbours many bacterial pathogens, and unfortunately, a single treatment will often not rid your home of these nuisance pests. They are the one Cockroach that terrifies café and restaurant owners as they get easily transported into their businesses, set up home, and breed very quickly.

German Cockroaches can also be a problem in your home as they too can be easily introduced with delivery of goods in cardboard boxes, even new appliances.

Before one hits the panic button, there is good news for many Brisbane homeowners who have discovered these little cockroaches. More often than not, these calls turn out to be not the German Cockroach but the baby American Cockroach. The adult American Cockroach is the big cockroach that many Queenslanders are familiar with. They are often discovered in the garden but will come into the home, squeezing under the doors and scurrying across the floor, seeking shelter inside when it gets too dry or too wet outside. They can fly and tend to do so more at night.

The American Cockroach will hide in cupboards and set-up home. They will lay some eggs sacks, then a few weeks later their babies (up to 800 per year) will hatch from the egg sack and start to explore your home. The American Cockroach is a pest and also a reservoir for a range of bacteria and a harbourer of viruses. The good news is that annual pest control will keep these big boys away from the home and break the breading cycle.

Pest Control Company Brisbane and surrounding areas

If you are seeing small or large cockroaches around your home, give us a call before it becomes a big problem. Our team can identify which cockroach is the issue and target the treatment to best suit the cockroach species in your home.

Call us today Ph 07 3823 2500. We cover all of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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