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Termite Solutions in Wynnum

Do you live in Wynnum and are looking for a reputable company you can trust to look after your home's termite management? From termite inspections to termite treatments, termite protection, chemical barriers and termite baiting systems Results Home Services has you covered with our full range of termite solutions.

We have been protecting Wynnum and Brisbane homes from termites for over 20 years so you can trust our timber pest experts have the right advice for protecting your Wynnum home. Annually, termites cost Australian home owners more than all the natural disasters combined in treatments and repairs.

Subterranean termites love dark, moist places and avoid exposure at all costs which is why they can go unnoticed for such long periods of time. Annual termite inspections by a licensed timber pest inspector are essential. Annual termite inspections for your Wynnum home is the best way to catch active termites early and minimize the damage to your Wynnum home.

"How can I ensure my home in Wynnum remains safe from a termite attack?"

Truly, the best way to protect your home from a termite attack is to invest in a termite management system. This can be a chemical barrier (otherwise known as a perimeter soil treatment) or a termite monitoring and baiting system, depending on your home and termite protection needs.

Installing a chemical barrier around your home in Wynnum will give you peace of mind knowing your home is safe from a termite attack. Our complete five year warranty will mean you no longer need to spend sleepless nights worrying about your home and greatest investment being eaten away by termites.

Want to protect your home? Why not call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 for a free termite check and quote. Or why not have one of our qualified termite experts complete a termite inspection using our thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and dongle. We service all of Brisbane including the Wynnum, Manly and Wynnum-West area.

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