• Robert Bate

Why Termite Inspections are so Important in Brisbane

Termite Inspections Brisbane

Your home is normally your biggest and most valuable asset, you insure it, you repair it and often work on improving it every year. Your next big asset is probably your vehicle which you will, insure them, have it serviced regularly, and clean it often. Your most important asset, “you” most likely will have some sort of insurance whether it be life insurance, health insurance or income protection and a regular check-up at the doctors.

But when was the last time you had a health check for your home? Most homeowners will have a building and pest pre-purchase inspection done when they are buying a house and never consider to follow up with regular yearly home inspections in the years following, as if the house now has some special force-field around it, that will stop anything bad from happening to it, including being attacked by termites.

Brisbane has a high risk of termite attacks

In Brisbane, the chances of your home being attacked by termites is 12 times greater than suffering a house fire. Every year, more money is spent on household termite repair bills than repairs on damages caused by natural disasters. Yet your home insurance does not cover you for termite damage. The reason why? Simple, the risk is too high for insurance companies. Insurance companies have concluded providing insurance against a termite attack in standard home insurance policies would assume too much risk because it would require ensuring home owners are extremely pro-active in checking and protecting their home from termites and this is out of the realm of possibility for insurance companies.

Brisbane is renowned for having many of the most active and damaging termite species in Australia. These species are capable of causing significant damage to a home in as little as 6 months, every homeowner should have a current and pro-active termite management plan in place to ensure full protection to their most valuable asset.

The three step management plan is very simple:

Step 1: Have your home inspected for termites at least every 12 months.

Step 2: Action all recommendation on your termite inspection report.

Step 3: Maintain a current termite protection system (chemical soil treatment, barrier or monitoring/baiting system).

That’s it! By sticking to these three simple steps as a Results Home Services client you will be able to fully insure your home for any and all termite damage.

As a registered TimberSecure provider through our insurer, Rapid Insurance – underwritten by Pacific International Insurance Ltd, we can offer you the ultimate peace of mind cover that provides you with a total ‘no fault’ policy. This ensures that any claim will be settled quickly and efficiently. This means if termites gain entry into your home and causes any damage, you do not have to pay the repair bill or wait for costly estimate to be done.

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