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Tips and hints

Tips and hints for keeping those mozzies away


Tip 1 – Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing


Avoid wearing heavy, dark clothing in warm weather. Mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies, so staying cool is an effective way to avoid bites. They also appear to like black, blue and red the most.

Tip 2 – Mosquitoes are weak fliers

Place a fan on your deck by where you sit to keep mosquitoes away.

Tip 3 – Mosquitoes are not attracted to bananas

We’ve heard it but latest research out shows that Vitamin B12 found in Banana’s has no impact on mosquitoes biting, and nor does eating banana.

Tip 4 – Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide

A female mosquito begins locating prey by detecting carbon dioxide, which is emitted by animals when they exhale and through their skin. Odours that can act as attractants can be used to lure mosquitoes away from us into traps.

Tip 5 – Mosquitoes are the most deadly animal in the world

The biggest danger to humans are mosquitoes, who kill over 725,000 as carriers of malaria and other diseases.

Treat yourself to a mosquito free summer

Mosquito control is applied by spraying a fine mist treatment into and onto the foliage on your property, around your house including decks, up into eaves and pool areas creating a mosquito-free barrier. This treatment is extremely effective and may last anywhere up to 3 months*.  (Top up treatment is recommended for 4-6 weeks).


Call the Mosquito Pest Control Professionals at Results Termite and Pest  Control Services. We will help reclaim your backyard for summer and help to make your special event mosquito free!   Call us on tel: 07 3823 2500

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