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What You Need To Know About The Large Black Ants Found On Your Garden Fences

Updated: Jan 29

Carpenter Ants in Garden Fences

Have you noticed big black ants in your damaged timbers or seen them on the move late at night? Carpenter ants are found all over the Northside/Southside of Brisbane and we have seen a significant number of new cases over the last few months.

Carpenter ants are large ants, often dark or black, that can be found both inside or outside a home, preferring to nest in moist wood. So they often like old fences, retaining walls, the bark of decaying trees, rotting timbers and a lot of times a damaged wooden joist, which can make them a concern at your home.

They can be quite destructive, chewing on a wall inside your home without you knowing. The first thing you may notice is some sawdust on the floor or stuck to a wall, a type of frass. What looks like frass/sawdust, under a microscope, can be a combination of dead body parts, insulation, and building products.

It is important to resolve an infestation immediately because if they are left alone, they are capable of threatening the structure of your home as they often ruin and fracture wood.

An interesting fact about carpenter ants is they are usually nocturnal, so they tend to be active between 9 pm and 4 am, often leaving frass behind with no signs of them ever being there!

In Summary

• Carpenter ants are a common household pest.
Important points of the Carpenter Ant

• They can cause structural damage by burrowing into moist wood.

• Look for small piles of sawdust and sweet food trails to identify infestation.• Carpenter ants are large, dark or black ants that can be found both inside and outside a home, with a preference for nesting in moist wood.

• They often target old fences, retaining walls, decaying trees, and damaged wooden joists.
• These ants can cause significant damage to the structure of a home if left untreated.

• Signs of an infestation may include sawdust-like frass on the floor or walls.

• Carpenter ants are primarily nocturnal and most active between 9 pm and 4 am.

Ant Problems? Call us today

Don't let carpenter ants undermine the safety and value of your home. Contact Results Home Services today to get rid of these destructive pests once and for all. Ph 3823 2500 today.

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