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What causes carpet moth?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Have you discovered inexplicable damage to your carpets? It could be carpet beetle or carpet case moth!

Carpet case moth and carpet beetle are a common household pest that most frequently infest woolen carpets. They have also been know to infest silk curtains and fabric upholstery. In short, carpet beetle and carpet case moth look for organic materials like wool, silk and cotton and don't tend to infest synthetic materials.

Wool carpet is wonderful, it's versatile, long lasting and can be an expensive investment for any household which is why it can be very upsetting to see these little pests gobbling it up!

I think I've found Carpet Moth, what now?

If you've come across patches of damage in your carpet the first and best thing to do is have a good investigation in each room, look under heavy furniture, behind curtains and rugs to gauge the extent of the problem. The first, if not the first step, is to contact us and talk to our friendly team about the problem and we arrange for one of our experienced and qualified technicians to come out and take care of the problem.

We recommend cleaning the carpets along with treating them as the cleaning process will eliminate any eggs & larvae in the carpet and then we treat over the top of the clean carpet with an insect growth regulator (IGR) that will eradicate the infestation by break the breeding cycle and killing any remaining carpet beetles/moths that come into contact with the treated carpets

In some really bad cases you may need to give some of the walls/ceilings a wipe down as the moths can lay their eggs on the skirting boards and walls, but we generally only see this on severe cases. Simply wiping them from the surface is great to help reduce their numbers even further.

What happens after they've been treated?

After the treatment, depending on severity, our technician may recommend a follow up treatment in 3-6 months but otherwise we recommend at least annual treatments as a preventative to protect your carpet.

Carpet case moth and carpet beetle can just come in from outside or on cut flowers and even 2nd hand furniture. Having regular carpet moth/beetle treatments is the best way to protect your beautiful woolen carpets and stop anything making a meal out of them.

Not sure what you've found? Call our team on 38232500 or contact us here to discuss what you've found and get the problem solved. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding areas including Brisbane northside, bayside, Redlands, inner city and the western region.

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