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Termite Attack in Wakerley Homes

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

If you own a home in Wakerley, Gumdale or Ransome, you live in a very special area of Brisbane. So close to the city and the bay, with so much bush still remaining untouched. Granted, we may be a little bias.

Over the last 20 years, the area of Wakerley has rapidly grown, with a lot of the land that has been developed previously being semi-bush and also home to large termite communities. While the land was being developed, the termites that were part of the ecosystem temporarily vanished from sight, but that does not mean they departed from the area. Now, with the land becoming saturated with homes, many residents are starting to see the presence of these termites, creating a significant problem for many in Wakerley homes. Often residents in newer suburbs such as Wakerley are under the impression that termites will be less of a problem than those homes in older areas. However, as mentioned previously, many Wakerley estates were built on cleared land that had termites. These houses, when built, were built with mesh barrier systems such as termimesh or Kordon. At the time, these products do what they are designed to do, keep the termites away from the structure.

Unfortunately, problems arise if something goes wrong with the slab the house is built on. These problems are mainly due to age-related issues and seasonal movement coursed by extreme wet or dry weather, which can stress the slab and cause movement that may either crack the slab or make a cap between the physical barriers and the slabs, often around plumbing penetration.

Another common problem we are starting to see with homes in Wakerley is that many of these houses have been built with Waffle Slabs. Unfortunately, termites love this type of home as they create high moisture zones under your home, especially around the plumbing trenches that are usually backfilled with sand and gravel. If the soil type or the landfill for the building site was compromised pre the waffle Slab was laid, the risk of cracking and movement of your house would be very high.

The simple way to protect your home is to have your home inspected annually for termites and to ensure you have an up to date chemical barrier around your home. At only $265, for a termite inspection, this is a small amount to pay for peace of mind and to ensure that your home has an up-to-date chemical soil barrier. For more info on how to protect your home, call Results Home Services. We are your local termite specialist.


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