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Black Ants Problems During The Summer Season

Black ant problems in the kitchen

Many of us associate ant problems with wet weather, and often that is when most black ant problems will occur. You may be surprised to find that an ant problem can also exist due to dry, hot weather. As food and water become more scarce for ants, they will start to compete for their food source, often encouraged them to come inside looking for food, and in particular water to sustain the colony. Ants are also known for getting into appliances such as kettles, printers and TVs, causing all kinds of damage. It is essential to get on top of your ant problem before it gets way out of control.

Suppose you are finding black ants trailing across the kitchen bench in the morning or struggle to take a shower without first having to eradicate a trail of ants and a simple squirt of the insect spray seems to be only a temporary fix. In that case, you may need a pest control treatment that will target the black ant colony.

Using Termidor's transfer effect, we will reduce the pressure on your home from ants so you can reclaim your kitchen, bathroom laundry and patio from ants. The great part is Termidor works against so many different species; including green ants so if your kids or pets are afraid to go out into the yard for fear of a painful green ant bite we can help.

Don't spend another minute obsessing over ant trails! Call Results Home Services on 38232500 and speak to our friendly team about our Termidor Ant Treatment.

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