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  • Kate Steel

Say good-bye to ants this Christmas season!

It's a strange phenomenon but ants hold a curious power to drive people up the wall!! Their constant presence and their habit of converting every single crumb your family leave behind makes them an annoying and at times destructive pest!

Much of the time ants are just annoying; waking up every day to a brand new trail of ants is enough to drive anyone a little crazy. I mean it's every. single. morning. Ants are constantly foraging for food and water to sustain their colony so even the smallest crumb from last night's midnight snack is enough to attract them in droves.

Beyond the annoyance, ants can be destructive and dangerous if left unchecked. We can't tell you how many TVs, computers, printers, kettles or water filters we've seen fall victim to a hoard of black ants. Ants are known for getting into kitchen appliances, causing irreparable damage to the gadget and can even cause a short, resulting in a significant fire hazard.

Enter Results Home Services and our Termidor Ant Treatment, so good our customer swear by it! Our Termidor ant treatment leverages the powerful transfer effect to reduce the number of ants around your home so you can snack with complete peace of mind.

Contact our team at Results Home Services and see about getting one of our qualified technicians out for a Termidor Ant Treatment. We service all of Brisbane and the greater region so don't put up with the daily trails, call us on 38232500!

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