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Latest, Greatest and Safest in Pest control

General Pest Control - Brisbane

We're always on the lookout for new technologies, new techniques and the latest research that enables us to deliver a better, safer, smarter service. We have teamed up with BASF and deployed the Seclira range for our general pest control services.

The Seclira pest control has been our preferred method of for controlling general pests, and we have now had it as part of our pest control range for two years with our quality control process showing brilliant results. What's more Seclira is 10 times safer than other synthetic pesticides on the market, and with updated techniques, we will be able to deliver a safe service to you and your family.

The Benefits of a Seclira Pest Control

Safest and latest in Pest Control Seclira

  • Colourless, non-staining and odourless meaning that no unsightly marks are left on surfaces.

  • Controls a wide range of common pests.

  • Has a genuine Transfer Effect. This means when cockroaches, ants and other social insects come into contact with pest control, they remain unaffected and unaware long enough to pass a lethal dose back to other insects in the colony.

  • Contaminations risk is eliminated due to dying pests not rushing out of their area of habitants after treatment; this reduces the risk of contamination and is an exceptional beneficial around kitchens.

What does our new method of pest control mean for you?

Not much will change for you, in that you will continue to enjoy a level of service that is second to none. What you MAY notice on your next pest control service is our technician probably won't put dust in your ceilings or place little blobs of gel in the cupboards of your kitchen and bathrooms.

Why no dusting or gelling

There are very good reasons why we have moved away from the ceiling dust and gel baits. The key reason is, we don't need them anymore. By using safer chemicals in a smarter way, we are able to eliminate messy dusts and gels in favour of cleaner, odourless and stain-free spray. Seclira is non-repellent so pests like cockroaches, spiders and ants can't sense it and unknowingly travel over the treated areas and die very quickly. Using dusts and gels are simply not necessary and in some cases will impede the Seclira treatment.

With this in mind, every home and pest infestation is different, and our techs treat each home or commercial space according to its specific and individual needs.

Why Change?

At Results Home Services we pride ourselves on offering a level of service that is second to none. This means we're always looking to improve by expanding our knowledge, using the best and latest in chemical technology and always putting the customer first.

Time for your pest control? Find out first hand why so many Brisbanites rely on Results Home Services for all their pest control and termite management needs. Call us and speak to our friendly team on 38232500

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