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Kitchen Pest Control Shut Down Plan for COVID-19

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Kitchen pest control for Covid-19 Corona Virus

Easy 3 Step Pest Control Plan

Café, Restaurants, school tuck shops and any commercial kitchen that are in prolong shutdown need to think about the health implications of also not having the premises and kitchen pest controlled while in shutdown.

If your business has been affected by the COVID-19 and your kitchen has had to be shut down or semi-shut down then now is a good time to think about pest control.

Unfortunately, pests will continue to invade and breed in your workspace while you are not there. To help our commercial clients to protect their workspace from becoming a party house for pest, we strongly advised that the following steps are taken once you have done a full kitchen clean down.

Step1: Crack, crevices and surface treatment

Step 2: Full rodent baiting system

Step 3: Treat drains for fruit fly larva

Fly pest control

We also are currently offering a fly bait treatment to ensure flies do not hang around your shutdown workplace. We also recommend that we carry out regular checks to ensure the treatment and baiting systems are always working to their full potential by restocking baits if required.

When this coronavirus is all over, you are going to want to hit the ground running, and it is easier to start up with a clean pest-free property.

Pest Control during Covid-19

If you need help or advice with shutdown or pests maintenance issues, please contact our team at Results Pest Control we are happy to help you protect your business.

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