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  • Kate Steel

How science is working to outsmart the humble mosquito

close up mosquito attached to caucasian skin, green background

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest creatures on the planet because of their ability to carry fatal diseases to large quantities of the population in a short time frame. WHO (world health organisation) reports the cases of Dengue fever have risen 30x in the past 30 years. Mosquitoes have been all over the news the last few years, most notably for the Zika virus outbreaks. Mosquitoes are also renowned for their role in the spreading of Malaria which infects over 200 million people per year.

Governments and researchers worldwide are dedicating large quantities of resources to curb the mosquito populations with new and creative methods like genetically modifying the culprit mosquito species to be malaria resistant. Other projects have focussed on genetically modifying the Anopheles gambiae species (which spreads Malaria across African continent) to pass on genes that cause infertility in female offspring, dramatically reducing their population in years to come.

As we develop solutions and strategies to curb mosquito borne illness so too do the mosquitoes evolve to overcome them. Early reports have shown insecticide resistant mosquitoes. Malaria spreading species have been found to produce a protein their legs that allows them to sense pyrethroids and to help them detoxify reasonably quickly. Pyrethroids are widely used to treat mosquito bed nets to protect people from infection during sleep. Pyrethroids are also widely used as a pest control product.

It's easy to forget that mosquitoes pose a real and credible threat to so many people the world over. Living in Brisbane, mosquitoes are more or less just annoying at best or cause itchy welts at worst but viruses like Ross river virus are becoming more and more common.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who seem to attract mosquitoes from far and wide and get eaten alive every time you step outside, while your partner is able to enjoy the outdoors at dusk with no problems at all; we sympathise! Many of our team are living mosquito baits too and swear by our mosquito treatment especially in the summer to keep the mozzies under control so they can go outside without the hazmat suit!

If you want to find out more about our amazing mozzie treatment, call us on 3823 2500 and chat with our friendly team or click here to check out our web page!

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