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How good household habits can prevent a pest problem

Clean house can help with Pest Management

In many cases having a pest problem such as bed bugs, rodents, or termite is largely due to bad luck but in other cases, sometimes a little household maintenance can go a long way to prevent a pest problem from getting out of hand.

Having your pest control updated on an annual basis is a great way to prevent pests like cockroaches, spiders and ants from becoming a big problem that is difficult to control. Whilst a pest control service won’t prevent cockroaches or spiders from entering your home it will kill them once they do so they don’t have time to settle in and make your home their home. If you prefer to wait until you see cockroaches, spiders or ants before you book your pest control you’re effectively allowing their numbers to build up making it more challenging to gain control of the pest population.

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One great side effect of having your pest control sorted is you won’t notice as many spiders or geckos as there is limited food around your home for them to eat. No matter what the pest, one basic rule holds true, pests will stay where the food is. Spiders will linger where there is plenty of food, so chances are if you’re getting a lot of other pests like moths or cockroaches you’ll also have a lot of spiders and geckos around as well.

Another way to keep pests at bay is a good house cleaning regimen. As much as having a pest control service is essential to protect your home from pests, at the end of the day, pest control products can only do so much so it’s important to maintain a clean home environment. This means vacuuming frequently and rigorously, mopping regularly, cleaning messes and spills as they happen and trying to keep clutter to a minimum. A good vacuuming regime will help control silverfish as they thrive in dark, dusty environments. Vacuuming will also pick up crumbs and other small food stuffs that cockroaches just love.

Try to make sure you don’t have too much clutter or stored items around the home. Pests like rats, mice and cockroaches love to hide in these areas as it’s dark and very rarely disturbed so they can come and go as they please. Another good tip is to keep food in sealed containers to prevent pests like cockroaches and grain moths (weevils) from flourishing.

Small things can make a huge difference and you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your entire Saturday morning to housework. Try and break up the tasks and tackle different areas at different times and rotate so that all areas are cleaned regularly without giving up your entire weekend.

Pest Control Service

So if you are having issues with a particular pest whether it be cockroaches, silverfish, ants, spiders, moths, bed bugs or rodents call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and see how we can help make your home pest free. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs and have been for over 25 years so you can trust we have the knowledge and experience to reliably and safely pest control you home.

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