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Flea Pest Control in Brisbane

Flea Pest Control for Brisbane homes

Is your friend itching and scratching constantly? You may have a flea problem. Fleas don’t just exist in your pet’s coat they are quite comfortable in your home as long as there is a constant supply of hosts and blood. They feed on both animal and and human blood and can feed on 15 times its own body weight in one day. Female fleas lay up to 50 eggs per day which will remain in your home until they hatch. Unlike lice, fleas will jump on and off a host at will, sometimes only spending a few hours on a single host at one time.

Fleas are parasites that feed on our and our pet’s blood. Fleas are known to carry diseases like Typhus to humans through infected rats so it’s wise to take fast action when you notice the flea problem so it doesn’t get out of hand. Flea bites cause painful, itchy red sores but it’s not the bite that causes the itchy feeling but the flea’s saliva.

Preventing a Flea Investation

Fleas are most active in the shoulder months of Autumn and Spring so keeping your flea control up to date and maintaining a rigorous cleaning routine is especially important during these seasons. Regular vacuuming, especially around areas where your pet sleeps is an essential step in controlling or preventing a flea infestation and make sure you take all necessary flea control measures with your pets.

Breaking the flea life cycle

Once a flea problem has set in, it can be difficult and often stressful to deal with it on a DIY basis. Once you recognise there is a flea problem call Results Termite Treatments and Pest Management Services and have a professional flea control treatment done. We use a insect growth regulator (or IGR) during this treatment so the breeding adults will be wiped out after the treatment, breaking the breeding cycle and the residual effect of the IGR will prevent any hatch-lings from progressing to the next life cycle stage, making it impossible for them to feed or breed.

Treat Pets on the day of your Flea Pest Control

Before a professional flea treatment it’s essential your pet’s flea control is up to date to prevent fleas being re-introduced to the treated environment.

Contact Us

Don’t let the fleas get out of hand call Results Termite Treatments and Pest Management Services now on 3823 2500 and have a professional flea treatment to take the stress out of the whole process. Call us now and speak to one of our friendly staff and don’t forget to ask us about our amazing pest control packages to save time and money. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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