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Don’t let Black Ants drive you up the wall!

Black ant problems

Are ants driving you crazy? Don’t let black ants or green ants drive you up the wall! Take action now and enjoy your patio or deck again. Our Termidor Ant Treatment will take care of the barrage of ants piling into your kitchen to take care of that single crumb you left behind.

If you’ve suddenly noticed overwhelming numbers of black ants around your patio and crawling up your walls, your not alone. Brisbane is in the midst of the major black ant invasion with many home owners desperately searching for a solution to the plague proportions of black ants infesting their kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are one of these home owners, don’t despair, we have an easy, stress frees solution. Our Termidor Ant Treatment is so effective in controlling the ant populations around your home that many home owners ask “what ants?” after they’ve had a Termidor Ant Treatment done. What’s more, we back up all of our Termidor Ant Treatments with a 6 month full service warranty so if you have any issues in that time, we’re more than happy to pop back for you.

Termidor Ant Control

How does Termidor Ant Control work?

Our ant treatment is so effective because we use something called Termidor. Termidor is a non-repellent transfer insecticide so the ants unknowingly walk over the treated zones and take Termidor back to the nest, eradicating the entire colony.

Overtaken by black ants

So don’t let ants take over your home and yard, call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and have one of our professional technicians “ant proof” your home. Having been in business for over 25 years you can trust we have the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively pest control your home so you and your family can enjoy it without fear of a painful ant bite. The best news? We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs!

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