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Ant Problems Can Be A Big Problem In Brisbane

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Until recently, you may be of been one of the lucky people who have never experienced an ant problem around the home. Now, for no apparent reason, you are finding ants are not just in the kitchen cupboards but in bathrooms and many other unexpected places. This year we have been overwhelmed with the number of calls from people desperate to reclaim their home and backyard from the ant invaders.

Here in Brisbane, we enjoy the mild winters and our summers, which have come with a dash of rain over the past couple of years. The recent weather pattern provides the ideal climatic conditions for ants and many other insects, including the notorious Subterranean Termites. Nature keeps a perfect balance with insect populations increasing and decreasing in relation to the amount of available food and water. Now the weather has changed, and our summers have been far wetter, and our winters milder, bugs and insects have exploded as the amount of available food and water became more abundant.

What can be done to eliminate black ants around your home?

You can do a couple of things to prevent ant visitors and treat an existing ant problem. Prevention is always better than a cure, and these simple steps will help prevent an ant problem from taking hold. Make sure you clean up all crumbs and wipe up spills as they happen. Ants are opportunistic scavengers, so if you leave crumbs lying around, they will quickly advantage of the free lunch.

The Problem with an Ant Infestation

Black Ant problems

In most cases, good housekeeping is not enough to fix an infestation that has already set in. Although the common ant is easy to kill with a squirt of a can of inspect spray, if a colony exists in the walls or a hidden part of the home, then it can be virtually impossible to rid the home of them. This is why we offer our Termidor Ant Treatment. Termidor is the same chemical we use to treat Subterranean Termites, but it is equally effective against ants when used on a surface. Termidor is a non-repellent transfer chemical, which means in the coming and going between the nest and your home, the ants will walk over the treated areas and unknowingly take Termidor back to the nest. Termidor has a delayed effect, so the ants have enough time to transport the chemical back to the nest, infecting other ants and eradicating the entire colony.

Termidor Ant Control

Termidor Black Ant Treatments

Our Termidor Black Ant Treatment is not like other treatments because it treats your ant infestation's underlying cause. Other treatments like ant sand or borax will only kill the ants that come in to contact with it rather than eradicating the entire colony. So you may see some reprieve in the short term, but it doesn't take long before the ants build their population back up.

Are ants driving you crazy? Call Results Home Services now on Ph 3823 2500 and speak to one of our friendly staff about ending your ant woes. We also package this service with our other pest control and termite treatment & inspection services, so don't forget to ask us about our packages.

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