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Altriset Latest Technology in Termite Treatments

Now you can treat and protect your home from termites with a non-poisonous transfer chemical

Altriset termiticide - safe termite chemical protection

Altriset is the safest option for treating termites or creating a chemical barrier. Never before have you had a choice to protect your home, family, pets and the environment with a chemical like Altriset. Altriset termiticide is so safe that it is not even registered as a poison.

For years, Brisbane home owners and pest controllers alike have faced the challenges of protecting homes from termites without having a residual chemical destructive effect on the environment. Those days are now history…Thanks to the new termiticide, ‘Altriset’, you can be assured of complete termite protection without nasty poisons sprayed around your home.

Innovation at its best

Altriset - how it works

Its innovative chemistry delivers a unique combination of effective chemistry that is fast acting and long-lasting, with a known and guaranteed lifespan of at least five years in most Brisbane soils.

Ryania tree - altriset termicide

Dupont scientists spent many years studying the natural insecticide substances from the Ryania tree, a tree found in the rainforest of South America. The natural chemical of this plant has proven to stop termites in their tracks.

Eco Friendly

As well as meeting all of the field standards for eradicating termites, and even surpassing those of its rivals ‘Premise’ and ‘Termidor’, ‘Altriset’ is the first and only liquid termiticide that has been classed as an unscheduled poison by the Australian Regulatory Authorities.

Non Poisonous

This has resulted in no requirement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn when mixing or applying Altriset. Furthermore, the targeted and unique mode of action of Altriset provides very low toxicity to mammals, birds, fish, earthworms and even honeybees.

How to protect your family and home with Altriset

altriset - certified

At Brisbane Termite Treatments, we can now offer Altriset to you in confidence, knowing there is very minimal risk to you and the environment…For a free, no obligation quote for an Altriset perimeter treatment, call our staff at Results Home Services and we will send a technician to quickly assess your home and give you a range of options.

Contact Brisbane Termite Treatments now at 38232500 and talk to a qualified staff member. Brisbane Termite Treatments technicians are accredited applicators of Altriset.

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