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  • Kate Steel

3 Ways pest control can make your Christmas merrier

woman wearing white dress sitting at table with friends and family

When we think about Christmas, pest control is definitely not the first thing we associate in our minds. We might think more along the lines of candy cane, Christmas trees, gifts or long lines...But if you live in Brisbane Christmas is also the time for ants, cockroaches, flies and spiders.

You can count on a Brisbane summer to be hot, wet and humid which are the perfect conditions for all your least favorite pests like cockroaches, spiders, ants, flies and termites which is why is it really important for Brisbane home owners to make sure their pest control is up to date. So here is a list of the 3 biggest reasons why pest control will make for a merrier Christmas.

1. No nasty surprises

If nothing else, regular annual pest control services will prevent any nasty surprises and with so much going on at this time of year, less nasty surprises is definitely better! This means no surprise ants infestations in the kitchen while you are trying to prepare Christmas lunch!

2. I'm dreaming of a fly free Christmas...

With Christmas comes all the Christmas foods; ham, turkey, seafood, delicious salads and sides. If you're anything like my family Christmas lunch is served buffet style with all

flies swarming around seclira fly bait can. Seclira logo upper left hand side corner

the dishes laid out on the kitchen bench or table and it's a free for all (for everyone). The flies can't help but be tempted by the spread and before you know it, you're frantically trying to protect your lunch from a pack of ravenous flies. This is where our Seclira fly treatment comes in, it contains a surgar bait in the clear odourless spray that will attract any flies in the area to the treated area, killing them almost instantly!

3. Were you raised in a barn!?

Another Christmas regular is the house full of guests. People coming and going, the screen doors flying open but never quite getting closed. which just opens your home up to travelling pests like cockroaches who consider it good fortune when someone opens the doors up for them. A pest control service will make sure they don't stay for long and no roach relatives will be joining them.

So there you have it! Our 3 main reasons why a pest control service will make for a merrier Christmas. We're open throughout Christmas and New Years so give us a call to speak to our friendly team about getting your pest control updated in time for Christmas!

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