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Brisbane's Top 10 High Risk Suburbs for Termite Attacks

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Brisbane top 10 risk suburbs for termites

There really is nowhere quite like Brisbane. Sure Sydney and Melbourne get all of the attention but at the end of the day Brisbane is just one of those cities that has the best of everything. Our laid back atmosphere, enjoyable climate (9 months out of the year!) our small suburban hubs all with great options for brews (bean or hop based). But for all that is truly great about Brisbane, we are home to some of the highest risk suburbs for subterranean termites in Australia.

It mostly has to do with the climate we mentioned earlier, while it makes great beach and BBQ weather it is also perfect for termites. You know that humidity that we all love so much? Well that along with the decent rainfall we tend to get as well as the heat makes for ideal conditions for termites as they love all things hot, moist and dark, hence why they live underground.

One other thing they love? Timber. Now when you think of Queensland many people think of those iconic Queenslanders that we are famous for, well take it from us, termites love them too, albeit for different reasons. So we have compiled a list of the top 10 worst suburbs for termite attacks:

1. Wakerley

Many of these homes are coming up to be 10 - 16 years old which means any chemical pre-construction treatment, or under slab treatment, is well and truly worn away and many homes are now left vulnerable to termite attack. This, added with the extreme activity around Wakerley just makes a recipe for disaster for many home owners in Wakerley. Many of which we have been called to after damage has already been done.

2. Forest Lake

Forest Lake is a major termite hot spot and has been for a while. We get at least 2-3 calls a week for active termites just in Forest Lake. Just this week we attended a home where termites had made a feast of the master bedroom door frame and most of the window frame and skirting boards. The threat of termite attack in Forest Lake is serious and all home owners in Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs should be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to their termite management!

3. Chandler

This one might seem pretty obvious given the surroundings. Lots of bush and trees but that doesn't mean the threat isn't real. There is an age old fallacy we hear more often than we'd like that goes something along the lines of "oh the termites are happy eating the retaining wall, they won't eat my house" Fast forward 1, 2, 3 years later and the colony that has not only lived but thrived on the retaining wall or loose timbers and is now enormous and is looking for bigger and better sources of timber and moisture to sustain the now much larger colony and your house is looking pretty tasty right about now...

4. Gumdale

Gumdale, much like Wakerley is a victim of it's age and it's surroundings. The pre-construction chemical protection has worn away and prior to all the housing developments the area was bush land so the termite nests and colonies have been stirred up and sent in all directions.

5. Pullenvale

Like Chandler and Forest Lake, Pullenvale is just one of those suburbs where you just seem to get called to frequently. When you get called to Pullenvale for a Termite Inspection you know you're going to find at least 2 termite nests close to the home, if not more. Pullenvale is a beautiful place to live, but it is risky when it comes to termites.

6. Samford Valley

Samford Valley is absolutely beautiful, our techs love going out to Samford Valley and they get to go out there quite often due to the high level of termite activity in this area. Most home owners in Samford Valley are switched on when it comes to termites and termite protection but termites are shifty and can get the better of anyone.

7. The Gap

The Gap is one of Brisbane's older suburbs with many of the homes being around 45-50 years old. Many houses in The Gap are now reaching an age where the homes are just starting to degrade. Leaks become more likely as do cracks in the slab and brickwork, all things that increase the risk of a termite attack so it's important to stay on top of all your home maintenance and not let a small leak become the reason termites come knocking!

8. Nundah

All homes reach a point where they need a little TLC and this usually inspires homeowners to take on a renovation project. We've seen all levels of renovations from expertly crafted by-the-book to more "rustic" renovations, less concerned with building regulations and Australian Standards and more concerned with just how the finished product is going to look. The latter has created a problem for many home owners now as poorly completed renovations can leave a house extremely vulnerable to termite attack as they can create multiple entry points for termites to exploit or allow excess moisture to pool in certain areas, attracting termites to that area.

9. Yerongpilly

Yeerongpilly is very close to the river which means it has lots of water coursing through it in the form of streams and creeks. Moisture is a key ingredient for termites and they will always seek it out, especially during dry spells. If your home is in Yeerongpilly or close to a creek or stream, be sure to take extra care with your termite protection or seek out a Termite Inspection every 6-12 months by a licensed timber pest inspector.

10. Eatons Hill

Eatons Hill is another one of those suburbs our guys tend to spend a lot of time in. Termites are bad on the North Side and have been in the last 6-12 months. It's a mixture of the age of the homes and the environment surrounding the homes that make this area high right for a termite attack.

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