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King Tides Driving Mosquito Boom

Mosquito Problems In Brisbane

If you live in Boondall, Wynnum, Hemmant, Lota, Thorneside or Tingalpa perhaps you noticed more mozzies buzzing around than normal, perhaps you even slapped a few as they were trying to make a meal of you! If you're wondering 'why now' especially when the backyard has been relatively mozzie free the last 6 months, well we can explain!

Recent downpours and king tides have spurred on a mosquito population boom that has been felt in suburbs like Boondall, Wynnum, Hemmant, Lota, Thorneside and Tingalpa especially as they are near the bay or close to wetlands. This is because mosquitoes lay their eggs in the dirt and mud of wet lands and tidal areas where those eggs remain until there is a large downpour of rain or large tidal movement to cause these eggs to hatch. Once they hatch the newly hatched mosquitoes venture out in search of a blood meal and eventually a mate.

Brisbane City Council has even anticipated the mosquito boom and amped-up their efforts to control the incoming scourge by increasing the mosquito spraying from Brighton to Tingalpa. Of course, the council is only targeting known breeding sites and this should help improve the situation but we're hearing of many home owners that are suffering with overwhelming mosquito problems within their backyards and are looking for solutions so their kids can go out and play without getting covered in itchy welts!

The Good News!

We have good news to everyone living in Boondall, Wynnum, Hemmant, Lota, Thorneside and Tingalpa or anyone in Brisbane who is suffering with mosquitoes and midges! Our mosquito treatment is the best way to tackle an out of control mosquito problem in your yard. Our tech will also be able to give you advice on things you can do to make your home less attractive to mosquitoes.

Our Mosquito Treatment uses fogging technology to penetrate thick foliage to reach mosquitoes and break the breeding cycle. Our treatment will create a "living zone" for you and your family that will generate a protective barrier to prevent mosquitoes crashing that Sunday evening BBQ.

Don't let mozzies drive you into hiding, call Results Home Services today on 38232500 and talk to our friendly team about getting one of our qualified techs out to free your family from the mosquito scourge!

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