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  • Kate Steel

Now you can buy products with synthetic spider silk

Long have humans marveled at the tensile strength of spider silk and for years we have tried to replicate it for our own use. Spider silk captured the imaginations of bio-engineers and etymologists alike when scientists theorized a thick web of spider web would have the strength to stop a runaway train. It has a similar tensile strength of steel but is a fraction of the density and weight. The applications of this material would be limitless if we could just produce it on scale.

Recent strides in biotechnology have allowed a few different companies to create synthetic spider silk at an economic scale so it is not only possible but feasible to include the material in consumer products. In fact, Omega has teamed up with AmSilk a German based producer of synthetic spider silk to create a watch strap which is made of a blend of polyamide and AmSilk's "biosteel" material.

So why would they bother?

The material is naturally breathable, anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial which is why Omega were particularly interested in the material.

This is just the beginning of a whole world of spider silk materials, brands like North Face are also looking to get in on spider silk game and have a prototype ski jacket, with the synthetic spider silk being produced by Japanese company, Spiber.

Just another example of amazing technology inspired by nature.

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