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Major termite attack discovered in Gumdale

Last week our technician headed out to a house in Gumdale for a Termidor Ant service and Mosquito treatment and while he was walking around he noticed a small mud lead maybe 5cm long in the external brick work. With his curiosity piqued he popped his head in the sub floor to find plenty more active termite leads. It was our technician's unfortunate duty to inform the home owner that he had found active termites in her home and recommended a termite inspection immediately. Fortunately, he was capable of carrying this out for them and what he discovered over the next few hours was nothing short of nightmarish.

Upon closer inspection of the sub floor region our technician noted large active mud leads. throughout the sub floor timbers heading up into the home. The leads go into the walls and roof cavity. Our technician even found mudding in the power box, which is a major safety hazard. The granny flat was a similar story; active termites throughout the sub floor and structural timbers.

The home was only built in 2002 and the home owners have never had a termite inspection in the 6 years since they bought it. This acts as a cautionary tale for us all who have neglected our termite inspections in the last few years. Termites can sneak up on anyone, even if your house is reasonably new. Walking around the outside of this home you would never have known the inside was being eaten out by millions of termites. It was only the smallest of mud leads that got our tech curious enough to check the sub floor before he made the discovery. It would be very easy for a home owner to miss.

The Australian Standards now state a termite inspection should be done by a licensed inspector at least every 6 months and certainly no less than 12 months. Living in south-east Queensland we are in a high risk zone for termite attacks as we enjoy a warm, wet climate - which is everything a termite loves.

Don't wait for the bad news, have your termite inspection updated today by one of our licensed timber pest inspectors or better yet, why not discuss implementing a termite management plan and enjoy real peace of mind? You can talk to our friendly team about all the options on 3823 2500. We service all of Brisbane including Gumdale, Wakerley and Chandler.

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