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Get Rid of Pesky Flies this Summer!

Flies and summer go hand in hand in Brisbane and most of us can cope with the heat by relaxing in a cool spot with a cold drink but everyone hates those flying little companions that seem to follow you everywhere!

Known as the great Australian wave, foreigners must think we're a country full of lunatics, flailing around, little do they know we're trying to keep the flies at bay and trying to prevent swarms of flies from ruining a time honored tradition, the Sunday BBQ.

Some people fight back by filling the air with a full can of fly spray, leaving the air smelling like a war zone and making the kitchen uninhabitable for fly and human alike, all for temporary relief from flies. Nothing is more disheartening than to see a fly and then a bunch of his buddies start buzzing back after you thought you had conquered them all.

At Results Home Services we're always on the lookout for the latest and smartest chemicals to ensure your home is safe and pest free. We're pleased to announce our new Fly Control Treatment so you can finally enjoy a fly free home. The treatment comes in the form of a long acting bait spray so you can say goodbye to smelly aerosols and sticky fly traps. The results are fantastic; our team has tested this new product in their own homes and commercial cafes clients and everyone has loved the results!

If you aren't enjoying your home this summer because of flies or have a special even that you don't want spoiled by flies then call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and ask about the best fly control treatment we have ever been able to offer you! We can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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