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Ants Slow Down The Internet!

Black ants are nothing if not annoying, who doesn't feel that pang of rage every time they spot that familiar string of black ants across the bench in the morning? As much as ants ARE annoying they are actually capable of creating quite a significant amount of damage and chaos...just ask, well...us!

Over the last month or so we noticed our NBN speeds slowing until the internet finally just dropped out completely, it threw the office into chaos as it meant no phones, no emails no internet! You don't quite realise how much you rely on the internet until you lose it. We got in touch with NBN and were told they'd have a tech out to see what the issue was over next few days. We made do with patchy internet cutting in and out until, like a glorious internet god, he arrived, the NBN Technician. After a few minutes of intense scrutiny he determined the problem was not the modem but was situated at the pole about 300m away. After a few minutes examining the issue he came back and announced he'd fixed the problem, "it was ants!" he announced enthusiastically. We couldn't believe it. Ants, those tiny annoying creatures we eradicate from people's homes had caused so much stress and chaos.

Upon reflection it made sense as ants are renowned for nesting in electrical systems and appliances. Needless to say one of our technicians popped down to the pole to promptly treat around the area with Termidor and prevent a repeat situation.

We've seen ants in printers, expensive TVs, air conditioners, toasters, computers, dishwashers, kettles and microwaves and they can absolutely destroy the circuitry if allowed to linger too long.

Don't let ants take over, talk to us about our Termidor Ant Treatment and tackle the problem before it gets out of hand and you have ants pouring out of your appliances! Termidor's transfer effect is a sure fire way to target the nests and destroy the colonies to reduce the ant pressure on your home. Our technicians are highly trained and have seen all manner of pest problems!

Call us today on 38232500 and speak to one of our friendly team about having one of our qualified technicians take care of your ant issue today! We service all of Brisbane and the greater region!

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