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Are Brick Homes Safe From Termites?

Termite tubing in a brick house

Termites are invading many Brisbane homes. If your home is a brick or block home, or your home is on a concrete slab, then the risk of a termite attack is very high. What most people do not realise is that a brick home can often be at more risk of a termite attack than an old Queenslander built on wooden posts.

Brick houses on concrete slabs may seem to be impenetrable to termites (white ants); however, concrete and brick houses are not difficult for termites to enter. The major problem with brick or block built homes is the fact that termites can actually travel behind the brick veneers to get to your home. Often this can be undetected. “Out of sight… out of mind” and by the time the owner sees visible signs of termite workings, the damage has been done, costing the home owner thousands of dollars.

Termite workings in subfloor on besser block

The extreme weather that we have experienced here in Brisbane- flood/drought, more floods, more dry weather, has stressed the foundations of most homes. If you walk around your home and can see cracks in brick work or in the slab (garage) then this may indicate that unseen termite entry points have been created. If you have movement in your slab, then even if you have a physical barrier (termi-mesh Kordon), termites can easily breach these barriers and enter your home.

This is not the time to risk your home; we are seeing many homes attacked by termites due to hidden termite entry points in brick/block homes. It is recommended by the CSRIO that homes in Brisbane be inspected every 6-12 months, so if you have not had a termite inspection in the last 12 months, please call us. It may just be the call that saves your home. A $245 termite inspection is cheaper than a termite damage repair bill.

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