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Ants Invade Brisbane

Are you noticing trails of ants running up your patio poles or across your drive way or perhaps you've started to notice a trail of ants brazenly march across your bench tops scavenging those last few crumbs you missed when you cleaned up after dinner last night.

Wherever you're noticing the ants, don't worry because we can take care of them. Whether they're inside, outside, in you're roof, in your air conditioner or as one poor client recently in a computer, we can take care of it!

Our Termidor Ant Treatment is a specialty treatment designed to tackle a wide range of ants in a wide range of areas but our highly trained and experienced technicians will always evaluate and alter their treatment plan to suit your home and needs.

Termidor's transfer effect means ants unknowingly take Termidor back to their nest and eradicate the colony successfully reducing the ant pressure on your home. We will effectively reduce the population of ants around your home to the point where they will not be competing for resources so they won't driven into your home in search for food and water. Our treatment doesn't seek to wipe out every last ant in your yard because ants are good for your soil and garden but we do want to keep them to where they belong! In the garden!

If ants are starting to drive you a little crazy, call our friendly team now on 3823 2500 and ask us our about Termidor Ant Treatment. We service all of Brisbane and the surrounding area!

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