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Bed Bugs Sweep New Farm

Late last year we were called to one of the worst bed bugs jobs we have ever seen in the almost 30 years of pest controlling Brisbane homes. Our techs donned the full cotton overalls as they pulled this apartment apart treating every nook and cranny for bed bugs and their eggs.

We then found out the bed bugs had been shared to many of the other apartments and we were then asked to treat the other apartments in the complex. It was a mammoth task but our techs are glad to report the bed bugs are now a distant memory for the residents and one they're glad to be rid of!

Below is an incredible picture of a dead bed bug after a treatment and a cluster of eggs that have all hatched. One of our technicians found this on a follow up visit, what you can see is a dead bed bug and a cluster of hatched eggs. Our tech also reported seeing piles of dead bed bugs every where, which is the aim of the game when you go to treat a bed bug infestation. As this was a particularly bad case, our qualified technician recommend a couple of follow up treatments to ensure consistent population control and all the while we and the client monitored the situation very closely.

We're very glad to report that everyone is happy and now bed bug free. Getting bed bugs can be stressful but not when you have a knowledgeable and experienced professional on your side to not only take care of the problem but give you the best advice on where to go from here.

Like any pest problem, bed bugs will only get worse the longer you leave them. Quick action is the best way to get on top of them and make sure they don't get out of hand. The sooner you act and get a professional to assess and treat the easier and ultimately less expensive the entire process is likely to be.

Getting Bitten?

If you've found bed bugs or you're getting bitten and you're not sure if it's bed bugs, call us today on 3823 2500. We break up our bed bug treatment so you're not paying for a full bed bug treatment if our techs don't find any sign of bed bug activity! We service all of Brisbane and the greater region and we'll always try and get a technician to you the same day or the next couple of days.

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