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What DIY termite plan can I use to protect my home from termites

The trick to reducing the number of termites in your neighbourhood or on your property is to remove some of the things that make life easier for termites. Some of the DIY termite action plans that you can do to protect your home from termites are very simple and common sense, like fixing a leaking tap and removing old timber/stumps from your property. A termite’s basic needs are the same as ours:- food, water and shelter.


Remove food source for the termites

Start by removing any likely termite food from your property. Have a walk around your property and look for the following:

  • Remove stumps in the yard and gardens

  • Replace old rotten retaining walls

  • Remove soil around the wooden fence palings that are in contact with the soil.

  • Lift any timber or paper stored well up off the ground and check regular - also check the sub-floor area.

remove old tree stumps to help eliminate the chance of a termite attack

Remove old tree stumps from the garden

Garden fence palings in contact with the soil provide a food source for termites

Garden fence palings in contact with soil provide an easy meal for termites

Termite activity in retaining wall

Check for termite activity in retaining wall. Replace any rotten timber.

Remove water sources for termites

  • Repair any dripping taps.

  • Repair air conditioner outlet’s that are dripping close to the house.

  • Fix storm water pipes that do not connect to the drains.

  • Check water tanks - there are many homes in Brisbane that have got water tanks positioned too close to the outside of the house. This creates moist soil near to the house and also conceals slab edges and covers weep holes. We strongly recommended that such water tanks be relocated away from the perimeter of your home.

  • Check ponds and pools for leaks.

Inside your home, be weary of old showers (25+) that have been built on or into the ground slab. These commonly start to leak and have been found to be a major contributor to termite attacks.

dripping pipes will attracted termites

Dripping Pipes create moist soil which will attract termites

pool leak can provide a enviroment for termites
A leak from a swimming pool will create a perfect enironment for termites

Leaking hose or tap may provides an enviornment for termites
Look for leaking hoses or taps
Find the shelter that termites feel at home in
  • Look for termite nests - It is important to treat and remove any termite nests or mounds found on your property as the warm humid weather conditions of spring and summer allow swarms of the reproductive caste termites (alates) to be released from the nest and fly a short distant to form new colonies. Once established and mature, the new queen termite can produce up to 2000 eggs a day! That's a lot of mouths to feed and your home is now looking pretty good to them. We advise to seek a professional termite inspector for removal of a termite nest.

  • Look for termite shelter tubes (workings) that may be leading into your home or under your slab as this is evidence that termites are looking for or have found a way into your home.

  • Termites love to build under slabs as this offers moist soil and a cooler environment for the termites to live in. If your plumbling is leaking or your slab has a crack, this can offer the termites a way into your home.

Termite tubbing (workings) indicating termites have accessed your home

Termite mound in garden

Termite nest in a tree found in the back yard

DIY treatments can turn out to be very costly (please read our recent post about this……). If you think you have termites, your best and cheapest action should be to call a professional termite treatment company straight away.

Termites are smart and determine workers and they are on a single mission to eat timber 24/7. You may have some of that termite “stuff” from the local hardware store that can be used to treat termites but if applied incorrectly, you may create a bigger problem and while you are waiting for it to work, the termites may still be continuing to eat your home

Worried about termites attacking your home? For a free, no obligation quote, call our staff at Results Home Services and we will send a technician to you quickly assess your home and offer you a full range of options.

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