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Fleas Season is Here

Flea control Brisbane

The "dog days" of summer are almost behind us, but that doesn't mean your pets and home home will escape from fleas taking finding their way in. In fact, in most areas, Autumn and Spring is the worst season for fleas. Fleas can attack even if you don’t have pets, although the chance of having a flea infestation is much higher if you have cats and dogs.

Fleas are a parasite that feed on mammal blood to survive. As you probably know, fleas were responsible for the outbreak of Bubonic Plague all those years ago. Fleas are also known to transmit typhus to humans from infected rats and they have been reported to transfer tapeworms. What you probably didn’t know about fleas is they don’t spend their entire lives on a single host, instead jumping on and off a host, feasting on 15 times its own body weight in blood every day. A female flea lays approximately 50 eggs daily, which she will drop into the host environment. So a small flea problem can turn into a big flea problem in a very short amount of time.

What to do if you have fleas

The flea population is most prevalent in the Autumn and Spring months, so it pays to keep your pets’ flea control measures up to date year round and vacuum regularly being sure to reach pet areas.

If you find you have fleas, take the stress out of trying to fix the problem yourself and call a professional pest control company. Often DIY flea treatments that can be found in your local hardware store are expensive, stressful and are rarely 100% successful. Our Flea Treatment is a comprehensive treatment where our experienced and qualified technicians use an insect growth inhibitor (IGR) that will not only wipe out the breeding adult fleas, but will prevent newly hatched fleas from developing on to the next life cycle phase, causing them to die as a result.

So if fleas are causing you headaches, call Results Termite Treatments and Pest Management Services today on 3823 2500 and ask our friendly staff about our flea treatment. We happily package this service with our wide range of pest control and carpet cleaning services so don’t forget to ask us about our packages to save you time and money! We service all of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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