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Why am I seeing so many Cockroaches?

You may be asking this questions to yourself your or to your pest controller either way part of the answer is the recent weather and climatic conditions have made it perfect for cockroaches so home owners all over Brisbane are seeing the little (or not so little) brown pests scuttling all over place.

Cockroaches are a hardy pests and don't really have an active or inactive time of the year but if they did, summer would be it. They love hot, wet conditions and the last week or so with the recent rain and sky rocketing mercury has made for ideal conditions for all species of roach so their numbers are exploding.

How can I prevent a cockroach problem?

Any pest controller will tell you, cleanliness is the key to "pest-freeness".

We can't emphasize enough how important it is to make sure your home is clean, free of excess clutter and food crumbs so as not to provide cockroaches with food and board! The next step after keeping a clean house is to make sure your pest control is up to date.

Keeping up with regular pest control treatments will ensure that when cockroaches do wander in, as they will in humid Brisbane, they will die before they have a chance to set up a nest and make a nuisance of themselves!

A pest control treatment will not stop them from entering your home but it will kill them before they have a chance to find a mate, set up a nest and breed in your home. Regular pest control treatments will keep pest populations under control in the immediate vicinity of your home as well so you'll enjoy the positive run on effects like minimal geckos and minimal large spiders like huntsman spiders.

Time for a pest control? Call Results Home Services and ask our friendly team about our safe, great value pest control packages! They can be tailored to your specific needs. The best news is we service all of Brisbane and the greater region and no pest problem is too big or too small!

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