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Don't let ants march away with Christmas lunch!

Black ants are a major problem for many households across Brisbane. Their numbers have exploded and many Brisbane home owners have called us desperately looking for a solution to the millions of black ants marching across their kitchen bench every morning and with Christmas (and the inevitable barrage of guests) just days away home owners are looking for a quick, simple solution.

We have great news! Our Termidor Ant Treatment is exactly what you're looking for. It's simple, fast acting and delivers incredible results. This treatment has been specifically designed to tackle ant problems and carries a 6 month warranty!

Termidor is a non-repellent transfer product so the ants can't sense it while scavenging for food and water and unknowingly come into contact with the treated zone and take the Termidor back to the nest, eradicating the entire colony. Our Termidor Ant Treatment will reduce the pressure of black ants on your home so you can enjoy your deck and patio areas without being overrun by black ants.

Don't let ants march away with Christmas lunch this year, call us on 3823 2500 and ask our friendly team about how we can make your home an ant free sanctuary again. We service all of Brisbane and the greater region but hurry because spots are booking up fast!

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