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Why Altriset is the right choice for your termite protection

With termite season in full swing you may be considering installing a perimeter soil treatment (aka chemical barrier) around your home. A chemical barrier is the best way to protect your home from a subterranean termite attack but the big question remains, which termiticide (termite poison) do you choose?

When installing a chemical barrier you will need to consider your termiticide (termite poison) of choice. There are so many choices out there these days but Altriset should be at the top of your list because of all the termiticides on the Australian market, Altriset is the only one that is not registered as a poison! So of all the termite poisons, why choose a poison?

Altriset is specifically designed for subterranean termites and won't harm birds, aquatic life, dogs, cats or kids! Why would you make any other choice? Altriset uses optimized ingredients to bind to soil particles and stops termites feeding within hours of contact.

Altriset kills 100% of directly or indirectly exposed termites within 14 days

with the use of their transfer effect. Even termites that don't come in direct contact with Altriset will die as termites will unknowingly spread Altriset throughout the colony through normal grooming and communication habits. This is part of what makes Altriset such a great option when looking at your home's termite protection.

So if your looking for a non-toxic environmentally friendly option for your home's termite protection ask us about Altriset.

We are a professional pest control and termite management company that has been protecting Brisbane home for over 25 years so you can trust we have the best advice to protect your home from a termite attack. Call us today and speak to our friendly team about the different termite treatment and protection options available to you.

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