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Termites are taking to the skies!

The weather this last week has been perfect for flying termites, or more affectionately known in the pest controlling community as "swarmers". Swarmers or flying termites are the new kings and queens of subterranean termite nests taking to the skies looking to find a mate and start a new colony.

Many Brisbane home owners have spotted these flying termites around this weekend, perhaps you have too! Alates are the technical name for the flying termites and they usually take flight in the early summer months on humid evenings seeking a mate, food, shelter and moisture.

Termites depend on few things to survive: food, shelter and moisture. Which is why your termite inspector implores you to fix that leaking tap every year. Moisture is a major risk factor for termites because it is an ingredient for their survival and they will always seek it out.

With all the recent rain and hot weather we've had, the conditions are now perfect for subterranean termites to establish new nests as there please of moisture and the recent rain has made the soil very soft.

Now is a great time to make sure excess or scrap timbers are picked up from around your yard and not left in direct contact with the soil so as not to encourage a budding active termite nest near your home.

We get a lot of panicked phone calls this time of year from home owners who have seen these flying termites around their home and are worried about the damage they could cause. Alates themselves cause very little damage when flying around but once they set up a nest they are very capable of causing a lot of damage to your home and garden timbers.

As always the best thing to do as a home owner is to have regular termite inspections by a licensed timber pest inspector and make sure you have an up to date termite management plan like a chemical barrier.

Found termites?

If you've found active termites call Results Services and have one of our qualified and experienced technicians come and do a free termite check for you where they'll check on what you've found and talk you through the best treatment options available. If it's been some years since your last termite inspection why not have a full termite inspection completed using our moisture meter and thermal imaging camera.

Results Home Services has been protecting Brisbane homes from termites for over 20 years so you can trust we have the knowledge and experience to protect your home and greatest investment from a subterranean termite attack!

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